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Primextra Gold (Syngenta) Herbicide (1L)


Primextra Gold (Syngenta) controls specific yearly grasses and broadleaf weeds in Maize, Sugarcane and Sweet Corn, Sorghum, and so on.

Note: While utilizing the item generally allude to the item name for an authority posting of harvest utilization, limitations and precautionary measures for more prominent yield and advantages.
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Primextra Gold Primextra Gold (Syngenta) Herb...


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Primextra Gold

Primextra Gold is areas of strength for a, enduring herbicide for wide range with unrivaled harvest and land wellbeing. Planned with the dynamic fixing ATRAZINE and S-METOLACHLOR controls specific yearly grasses and broadleaf weeds in maize, sugar stick and sweet corn.

The item ought to be totally blended prior to splashing and constant disturbance while showering yields improved results and ought to never be applied when weighty rains or tempests that are probably going to cause overflow are figure in no less than 2 days of use.

Primextra Gold (Syngenta) controls specific yearly grasses and broadleaf weeds in Maize, Sugarcane Sweet Corn, Sorghum, and so on.
The offered item is viable with 2,4-D amine (500 g/L), Dual Gold, flowable ametryn (500 g/L), flowable diuron (500 g/L), and Gramoxone 250.
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Item subtleties
Creation: 320gm/L Atrazine + 400gm/L S-Metolachlor
Detailing: SC (Suspension Concentrate)
Method of Action: Systemic
Crop: Corn

Bugs: Pre to Cyperus, Grasses and Broad Leaf Weeds
Portion: 800ml/section of land

Primextra Gold Herbicide: Active fixings
290 g/L S-metolachlor and 370 g/L Atrazine

General guidelines
This item is a lingering, pre-rising herbicide for the control of much significant yearly grass and broadleaf weeds in maize, sweet corn and Concep II treated sorghum without the issue of remainder of herbicides influencing succeeding harvests.

This item acts predominantly through root and shoots assimilation. Its viability relies upon the event of precipitation or water system to drop it down into the weed root zone.
The most extreme pace of atrazine application in all yields aside from manor ranger service is restricted to a measure of item identical to 3 kg man-made intelligence atrazine/ha each year. Try not to surpass this breaking point while applying an atrazine herbicide post-rise, where the item has been applied pre-development.

Blending of Primextra Gold Herbicide
Try not to blend, load or apply this item inside 20 m of any well, sinkhole, discontinuous or enduring stream.
Settling might happen after capacity for certain weeks. Mix the item or modify the holder a few times prior to opening.

Primextra Gold
Empty the item into the shower tank through a sifter to eliminate any dry particles or pieces, which can sporadically happen under hot capacity conditions.
Add the full amount of the item to the somewhat filled splash tank while unsettling.
Fill the tank and disturb to guarantee intensive blending.
Tumult while splashing. Upset overwhelmingly from the base whenever permitted to stand. Reseal part utilized holder right away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Primextra Gold Herbicide?

Primextra Gold is a long-lasting herbicide used to control a broad spectrum of weeds in various crops like corn, sugarcane, sweet corn, and sorghum.

What weeds does Primextra Gold control?

Primextra Gold targets specific annual grasses and broadleaf weeds, including:

  • Pre-emergent Cyperus (sedges)
  • Grasses
  • Broadleaf weeds

How does Primextra Gold Herbicide work?

Primextra Gold acts primarily through root and shoot absorption. After application, rain or irrigation is needed to move the herbicide down into the weed’s root zone for effective control.

What are the active ingredients in Primextra Gold Herbicide?

  • S-metolachlor (290 g/L)
  • Atrazine (370 g/L)

What are the application rates?

The recommended application rate is 800 ml per hectare (around 0.8 liters per acre).

How should I mix and apply Primextra Gold Herbicide?

  • Always follow the instructions on the product label.
  • Do not mix, load, or apply the product within 20 meters of any water source.
  • Shaking or stirring the container before use is recommended to ensure proper mixing.
  • Apply the herbicide when heavy rain or storms are not expected within at least 2 days of application.
  • Maintain constant agitation during application for even distribution.

Can Primextra Gold Herbicide be mixed with other products?

The information provided suggests that Primextra Gold can be compatible with specific herbicides like 2,4-D amine, Dual Gold, ametryn, diuron, and Gramoxone 250. However, it’s crucial to always consult the product label for specific mixing instructions to ensure compatibility and safety.


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