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Roundup Turbo Non-Selective Herbicide


Roundup Turbo herbicide is an exceptional solvent plan of glyphosate herbicide (450 g/l glyphosate) containing 25% more dynamic fixing than the standard definition of Roundup 360.


  • Pre-plant weed control: Apply it before planting to clear an area of weeds and prepare it for planting.
  • Post-emergent weed control: Apply it to actively growing weeds to kill them to the root.
  • Spot treatment: Use it to target specific weeds without harming surrounding vegetation.
  • Total vegetation control: Apply it to eliminate all vegetation in an area.
Roundup Turbo Roundup Turbo Non-Selective He...


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Roundup Turbo
Roundup Turbo is a non-unstable, water-dissolvable fluid ware with non-particular herbicide activity against early weeds (yearly and lasting expansive leaf weeds and grasses). Its definition includes a complex and successful surfactant gadget that is tissue-protected, and intended for disintegration in water and waxy materials. It speeds up the assimilation of a more prominent amount of the dynamic fixing by weeds with better infiltration into weed fingernail skin to roots.

It is a compelling harvest insurance item with incredible weed control, toughness, and harmless to the ecosystem. It is material in pre-plant showering frameworks with low volume, and low strain (rise of first weed before planting).

Roundup Turbo has unparalleled viability, remembering for the hardest weeds and at weather patterns where substandard definitions battle.

Its low shower volume (70-100 for each ha) brings about expanded hectares splashed with expanded dynamic fixing fixation, efficient, and more proficient work, and hardware usage.

Dynamic Ingredient:
It contains 450 g glyphosate corrosive/L (450g/L Glyphosate – Isopropylamine salt) in focus reliant upon water. Diminished measurements are required because of higher focus and subsequently less possibility of protection from weeds.

Quicker identification and manifestations.Absolute long-haul weed control rate.
Greater coherence in a more extensive assortment of natural circumstances.
The strong equation of 25% more glyphosate per liter.
Less bundling, stockpiling, and waste than for different kinds of herbicides.
Side effects become quicker permitting a decrease in the development stretches.
Roundup Turbo is viable with a wide assortment of different items.

The application depends on a low volume-low strain hypothesis that outcomes in a decreased gamble of non-target crop injury when the herbicide comes in touch.
Early weeds are allowed to arise in the wake of plowing, then, at that point, Roundup Turbo is splashed at the endorsed measurement rate after the principal weed arises. Harvests could be established 24 hours subsequent to splashing (the weeds will have taken up the dynamic fixing).
Rucksack showering: 1000sq m per 20L.
Ground showering hardware: 70-150L splash arrangement per ha at low strain.
Precautionary measures:
Shower over designated weeds.
Not sprayable under blustery circumstances (above 15km/hr).
Try not to permit splash float off to appropriate vegetation.
Utilizing rather antacid supported water (ammonium sulfate) for disintegration.
Shower developing weeds prior to planting (increments retention at a lower rate).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Roundup Turbo?

Roundup Turbo is a herbicide that controls a wide range of early weeds (annual and perennial broadleaf weeds and grasses) before planting crops. It’s a water-soluble liquid formulation with a special surfactant system that enhances weed uptake of the active ingredient, glyphosate.

What are the benefits?

  • Fast-acting: It provides quick weed control and visible results.
  • Long-lasting control: Offers effective weed control for an extended period.
  • Versatility: Works in various weather conditions where other herbicides might struggle.
  • Low application rate: Requires less product compared to other options due to its higher concentration.
  • Reduced workload and equipment usage: Covers more area with lower spray volume.
  • Compatibility: Can be mixed with other herbicides for broader weed control (refer to label for specifics).
  • Shorter pre-planting interval: Allows crops to be planted 24 hours after application.

How does It work?

Roundup Turbo contains glyphosate, which is absorbed by weeds through their leaves. The herbicide disrupts the plant’s growth, leading to wilting and death.

How to apply?

Roundup Turbo uses a low-volume, low-pressure application method. It’s typically applied after weeds emerge following plowing. Crops can be planted 24 hours after spraying.

What are the safety precautions for using?

  • Apply only to targeted weeds.
  • Avoid spraying in windy conditions (above 15 km/hr).
  • Prevent spray drift onto desirable vegetation.
  • Use water with a slightly acidic pH (add ammonium sulfate) for optimal mixing.
  • Apply before planting crops for better weed control at a lower rate.
  • Always read and follow the instructions on the product label for safe and effective use.


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