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ROOTSTAR | Organic Fertilizer


Root Star is a plant nutrient yields promoter. Submit your requests today.

ROOTSTAR ROOTSTAR | Organic Fertilizer


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ROOTSTAR is a natural manure expected for application in the beginning phases of plant advancement to further develop establishing.

ROOTSTAR contains 3-indolebutyric corrosive IBA (0.6%) different fixings, for example, 99.4 a particular zinc compound (zinc ammonium acetic acid derivation) and substances that work on the osmosis of supplements and invigorate the advancement of the root foundation (cell reinforcements and nutrients, like B1 – a fundamental part of establishing specialists); all adding up to.

The item has a bio animating impact in plants, enacting the development of auxins which upgrade cell division and prompt the arrangement of extrinsic and sidelong roots. The course of root advancement and development is additionally improved by the synergistic communication of auxins and zinc.

It is planned for use after germination to further develop establishing and during other developing periods to speed up root recovery after states of pressure (for example frigid temperatures or harm by bothers).

Major gainful impacts of ROOTSTAR include:
Fills in as a plant nutrient yields supporter
Dynamic advancement of the root mass

Further developed plant wellbeing in the beginning phases of advancement
Expanded plant resilience to push related with a low temperature of soil and water shortage
ROOTSTAR is planned for foliar application as a watery arrangement. ROOTSTAR can be utilized along with other agrochemicals in the wake of leading a miscibility test

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


ROOTSTAR is a natural manure specifically designed for application in the early stages of plant growth to promote root development and establishment.

What are the key ingredients

  • 3-indolebutyric acid (IBA): (0.6%) A naturally occurring plant hormone that promotes cell division and root initiation.
  • Zinc ammonium acetate: (99.4%) A source of readily available zinc, essential for healthy root development.
  • Other beneficial substances: These include cell wall reinforcements, nutrients like Vitamin B1, and other components that influence nutrient uptake and stimulate root growth.

How does It work?

ROOTSTAR works in several ways to enhance root development:

  • Biostimulant effect: It stimulates the production of auxins within the plant, natural hormones that promote cell division and root formation.
  • Zinc fortification: The readily available zinc helps with root growth and overall plant health.
  • Improved nutrient uptake: The additional components in ROOTSTAR can enhance nutrient uptake and root cell wall strength.

When should I use?

  • After germination: Apply ROOTSTAR to seedlings to promote strong root establishment.
  • During other growth stages: Use ROOTSTAR during transplanting or periods of stress (cold weather, pest damage) to accelerate root recovery.

What are the benefits of using?

  • Promotes root growth: This leads to a stronger and more extensive root system.
  • Improved nutrient uptake: Enhanced root function translates to better nutrient and water absorption for the plant.
  • Increased plant health: A strong root system contributes to overall plant health and resilience.
  • Improved stress tolerance: Plants with robust root systems are better able to withstand stress like cold temperatures or drought.

Can I use ROOTSTAR with other fertilizers or pesticides?

The information provided suggests that ROOTSTAR can be used with other products, but a miscibility test is recommended to ensure compatibility. Always follow the instructions on the labels of all products you plan to mix.


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