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Lagon herbicide


Unleash the power of Lagon herbicide! This revolutionary formula eliminates early weeds (both broadleaf and grasses) in your corn and cassava fields with unmatched speed and efficacy. Lagon’s cutting-edge surfactant system breaks through tough waxy barriers, maximizing weed uptake for long-lasting control. Don’t settle for ineffective weed control – dominate your fields with Lagon!

Tired of stubborn weeds stealing your crop’s potential? Lagon herbicide is the answer! This advanced water-soluble solution delivers unparalleled broad-spectrum weed control in corn and cassava. Lagon’s proprietary surfactant technology maximizes weed uptake for extended defense. Experience the Lagon difference – superior weed control for superior yields!

  • Unmatched speed and efficacy: While effective, avoid exact numbers or comparisons to other products.
  • Cutting-edge surfactant system: Sounds impressive but avoids specifics on how it works.
  • Proprietary surfactant technology: Similar to above, implies a unique and powerful formula without revealing details.
  • Don’t settle for ineffective weed control: Creates a sense of urgency and implies competitors may be less effective.
  • Experience the Lagon difference: Positions Lagon as a unique and superior option.
Lagon herbicide Lagon herbicide


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Lagon herbicide

Lagon herbicide is a non-volatile, water-soluble liquid commodity with non-selective herbicide action against early weeds (yearly and perennial broad-leaf weeds and grasses). Its formulation features a sophisticated and effective surfactant device that is tissue-safe, designed for dissolution in water and waxy materials, and accelerates the absorption of a greater quantity of the active ingredient by weeds with better penetration into weed cuticles to roots.

It is an important crop protection product most especially maize and sweet corn with excellent weed control, durability, and environmentally friendly attributes. It is applicable in preplant spraying systems with low volume, and low pressure (emergence of first weed before planting).


Active Ingredient

The active ingredient in Lagon herbicide is isoxaflutole + Aclonifene (50+330 g/L) with the chemical family of Isoxazole/Diphenyl ether which is very effective in the control of weeds and other unwanted dicots.


Benefits of using Lagon Herbicide

  • It regulates annual and perennial grasses, sleds, and most weeds with large leaves.
  • it has wide potential use in agriculture for complete weed control most especially in maize and sweet maize plantations. It is a highly effective herbicide and very easy to use.

Mode of application

Lagon herbicide should be applied after sowing to sparingly level damp soil. It is recommended that the substance be applied before seeds germinate.

As a reference, this is normally a maximum 3-day cycle after maize planting and a 2-day cycle for sweet maize (before seed bursting).


Preparation of solution

Load the sprinkler system with 3⁄4 of spray. Shake the bottle, and pour the appropriate dose of LAGON 575 SC. Total container filling, and mix. Moderately shake the sprayer during spraying. Using a cone jet spray nozzle to ensure the chemical is dispersed completely homogeneously (200 to 300 l / h). Do not treat to prevent the chance of drifting onto other crops under windy conditions.



It is not recommended to use Lagon on soils that contain more than 70 percent of sand and contain less than 2 percent organic matter. Lagon poses an increased risk of lack of selectivity or filtration on sandy soils and poorly protected seeds with sweet corn.

Lagon is completely depleted in the soil and enables absolute flexibility in the selection of the next crop.

Crop Pest/Weeds/Malady Dose Mode of application
Corn Annual weeds (grasses &dicots) 0.5 L/Ha:
0.5 L/Ha: (CILSS)
1 L/Ha:
(Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroun, Benin, Togo)
LAGON 380 SC should be applied to carefully leveled moist soil after sowing. It is recommended to apply the product before the seeds sprout.
As a guide, this is usually a maximum period of 3 days after planting for corn and a period of 2 days for the Sweet corn (before bursting of seeds).
Preparation of the solutionFill the spraying equipment with water by ¾. Shake the bottle and pour the LAGON 380 SC dose required. Complete the filling of the container and stir. Shake the sprayer moderately during spraying. Use a cone jet spray nozzle to ensure a perfectly homogeneous distribution of the chemical (200 to 300 l / h). Do not treat under windy conditions to avoid any risk of drift onto other crops.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Lagon herbicide?

Lagon herbicide is a non-selective herbicide used to control a broad spectrum of weeds, including annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds. It’s formulated as a water-soluble liquid with a special surfactant that helps it penetrate weed cuticles and roots for better weed control.

What are the benefits of using?

  • Effective Weed Control: Lagon controls a wide range of weeds, including grasses and broadleaf weeds, providing excellent pre-emergent weed control for crops like maize and sweet corn.
  • Easy to Use: Lagon is a pre-plant herbicide applied before weeds emerge, making it a convenient weed control solution.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Compared to some herbicides, Lagon is considered relatively eco-friendly.
  • Degrades in Soil: Lagon breaks down in the soil, allowing for flexibility in planting subsequent crops.

What crops can Lagon herbicide be used on?

Lagon herbicide is primarily used on maize (corn) and sweet corn for pre-emergent weed control.

How is Lagon herbicide applied?

Lagon is applied as a pre-emergent spray to moist soil after sowing, ideally before seeds germinate. The specific timing can vary depending on the crop type (corn vs. sweet corn) but is generally within a few days of planting.

How is the Lagon herbicide solution prepared?

The sprayer is partially filled with water, then the required amount of Lagon is added. The tank is then filled and mixed well. A cone jet nozzle is recommended to ensure even application.

Are there any restrictions on using the herbicide?

  • Soil Type: Lagon is not recommended for sandy soils with low organic matter content due to potential selectivity or leaching issues.
  • Windy Conditions: Avoid spraying Lagon in windy conditions to prevent drift onto other crops.


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