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Nwura Wura (Non-Selective Herbicide) -1L


Nwura Wura is an interesting solvent herbicide detailing of glyphosate (360 g/l). It is a fundamental and non-particular weedkiller with pre-development and nonresidual impacts. This gives advantages to producers as diminished stockpiling and bundling waste.

It has wide likely need for all out weed control in farming including cultivation, ranger service, and non-crop regions

Nwura Wura Nwura Wura (Non-Selective Herb...


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Nwura Wura Herbicide
Nwura Wura is a foliar acting, fundamental, non-particular post-development herbicide for the control of yearly and lasting grasses and wide leaved weeds. It is advanced for disintegration in water and waxy materials and speeds up the take-up of a bigger amount of the dynamic fixing by weeds with quicker entrance into weed fingernail skin to roots. It is an effective yield security item with great weed control, dependability and good natural ascribes. It is material in low volume-low-pressure pre-plant splashing frameworks (development of first weed before planting).

It is additionally in zero culturing maize creation and affects soil.
Dynamic Ingredient
360g glyphosate/L as 480g/L glyphosate – isopropylamine dissolvable salt.
Measurements and Administration
Measurements: 150 – 200mls/15L water
Headings for use:

The application depends on low volume-low strain guideline which brings about decreased chance of non-target crop injury on contact with the herbicide. In the wake of plowing, early weeds are permitted to arise, then Nwura Wura is showered at the suggested measurements rate after the development of first weed. Yields can be established 48 hours subsequent to showering (dynamic fixing would have been taken up by the weeds).


Quicker take-up and side effects.
Most significant levels of long haul weed control.
More prominent consistency in a more extensive scope of weather patterns.
Less bundling, dealing with, and squandering than other herbicide details.
Side effects foster all the more rapidly permitting development stretches to be diminished.
Nwura Wura is viable with a wide scope of different items.
Precautionary measures:

Shower on track weeds
Not to be showered in that frame of mind (above 15km/hr).
Try not to permit splash fog float unto helpful vegetation.
Utilize somewhat basic water with support (ammonium sulfate) to disintegrate.
Splash effectively developing weeds prior to planting (increments retention at a lower rate).

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Nwura Wura Herbicide?

Nwura Wura is a non-selective, post-emergence herbicide used to control annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds. It acts through foliar action, meaning it kills weeds upon contact with leaves.

How does Nwura Wura Herbicide work?

The active ingredient in Nwura Wura is glyphosate, which disrupts the growth process of plants. It’s absorbed by the leaves and travels down to the roots, ultimately killing the entire weed.

What are the benefits of using?

  • Fast-acting: Nwura Wura offers quick weed uptake and shows results rapidly.
  • Long-lasting control: This herbicide provides extended weed control, preventing regrowth for a significant period.
  • Broad-spectrum control: It effectively controls a wide range of weed types.
  • Reduced application rates: This herbicide requires lower application rates compared to some alternatives, leading to less product waste.
  • Compatibility: It can be mixed with other herbicides for broader weed control (always consult the label for specific mixing instructions).

How do I use Nwura Wura Herbicide?

  • Low-volume application: Nwura Wura utilizes a low-volume, low-pressure application method, minimizing the risk of drift and damage to nearby crops.
  • Target actively growing weeds: Apply the herbicide after tilling, allowing early weeds to emerge before spraying Nwura Wura at the recommended rate.
  • Safe planting window: Crops can be safely planted 48 hours after applying Nwura Wura, as the herbicide is absorbed by the weeds during that time.

What are the precautions for using Nwura Wura Herbicide?

  • Target weeds: Only spray It directly on weeds you intend to control. Avoid contact with desirable vegetation.
  • Weather conditions: Do not apply It in windy conditions (above 15 km/hr) to prevent spray drift.
  • Mixing: Use slightly alkaline water with a buffer (ammonium sulfate) to ensure proper dissolving of the herbicide.
  • Safety: Always wear protective gear like gloves, goggles, and long sleeves when applying Nwura Wura.
  • Pre-planting application: For zero tillage maize production, It can be applied before planting to control weeds before they emerge.

Can It be used with other herbicides?

Nwura Wura might be compatible with some other herbicides. However, it’s crucial to always consult the product label for specific mixing instructions to ensure compatibility and safety.


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