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  • Dominator 440EC Insecticide is an improved contact and stomach activity insect spray for foliar and stem application and is dynamic especially against sucking and biting irritations with expansive range extended remaining action generally utilized in horticulture for controlling bugs including aphids, thrips, whiteflies, bug vermin, caterpillars, stem drill and leaf roller in a wide scope of palatable yields and ornamentals.

    Dynamic fixing: 400g profenofos and 40g cypermethrin.
    Portrayal: Broad-range, contact insect spray.
    Definition: Emulsifiable concentrate.
    Bundling size: 1-liter container | Carton of 12 jugs

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    Size : 1L - 500ml - 250ml
  • Nwura Wura is an interesting solvent herbicide detailing of glyphosate (360 g/l). It is a fundamental and non-particular weedkiller with pre-development and nonresidual impacts. This gives advantages to producers as diminished stockpiling and bundling waste.

    It has wide likely need for all out weed control in farming including cultivation, ranger service, and non-crop regions

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  • Primextra Gold (Syngenta) controls specific yearly grasses and broadleaf weeds in Maize, Sugarcane and Sweet Corn, Sorghum, and so on.

    Note: While utilizing the item generally allude to the item name for an authority posting of harvest utilization, limitations and precautionary measures for more prominent yield and advantages.
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  • It contains a functioning fixing known as paraquat dichloride. Powerful against wide leaved weeds and grass. The foundational herbicide kills weeds and grasses down to the roots.

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  • Tecamin brix is a biostimulant in view of potassium and boron for the subjective improvement of the natural product, with saccharides and forerunner particles of aging variables. It advances the advancement of the organic product, expands the size of the natural product as well as the variety and the substance of sugars, causing a subjective improvement of the business boundaries of the natural products.

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  • We supply Tecnokel Amino CaB which contains calcium, boron, and amino acids micronutrients required for plant’s ideal development and the anticipation of bloom end decay in vegetables like tomatoes, and so on.

    This item is a biostimulant broadly utilized by ranchers to increment crop yields and to improve the yield of natural product trees and different harvests.
    It gives dissolvable calcium which is fundamental for cell divider obstruction and working on quality and time span of usability as well as expanding the extent of attractive produce.
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  • Score (with greetings tech innovation) is a non-specific foundational herbicide and is just dynamic when applied to the foliage and green bark of plants.

    It is shown for the control of essentially all yearly and lasting weeds. It is named a herbicide Group G
    The noticeable impact on treated foliage for the most part shows up at 7 – 10 days after treatment however may differ as per weather patterns.
    Extra data can be gotten in the wellbeing information sheet and marks accessible for download in the wake of putting in fruitful requests (will be sent to your enlisted messages)

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