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  • We offer Force Top which is a selective pre-emergence agricultural herbicide that can be used for controlling most annual grasses and many annual broad-leaved weeds in cereals, soya beans, cowpeas, groundnut, etc.

    • Target weeds die shortly after germination or following emergence from the soil.
    • It can also be used in pre-transplanting, early post-emergence and pre-planting conditions.
    • Active ingredient in Force Top is pendimethalin 33% EC.

    We deliver nationwide.

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  • A non-selective systemic pre-planting foliar-applied agricultural herbicide, is for the control of Stubborn, annual and perennial grasses and brad-leaved weeds. This is slow acting herbicide used for killing weeds and grasses. It acts from deep within the roots of weeds till it dries it up completely.

    Active Ingredient:
    360 g Glyphosate / L (in the form of 480 g / L Glyphosate – Isopropylamine, salt) SL.


    Non-selective systemic foliar-applied herbicide.


    • A Carton of 260 ml (40 pieces).
    • A Carton of 1 L (12 pieces)
    • A Carton of 5 L  (4 pieces).


    • 260g Granular.
    • Force Up 1 Litre.
    • Force Up 5 Litre.

    Price is for a Carton pack.

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    Size : 1ltr - 5ltr
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  • You need to clear your weeds in an easy and cheaper way? Gramoxone is here for you!

    • Gramoxone is a unique, fast-acting, non-selective, contact herbicide used for the control of most fibrous-rooted grasses and annual broadleaf weeds.
    • The product also has varied uses in a wide variety of crops.
    • Gramoxone is the ideal herbicide for use in conservation and no-till systems as it only controls the foliage parts of weeds, thus promoting intact roots and preventing soil erosion.
    • We deliver nationwide.
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    Quatity : Bottle - Carton
  • Herbicide, an agent, usually chemical, for killing or inhibiting the growth of unwanted plants, such as residential or agricultural weeds and invasive species. A great advantage of chemical herbicides over mechanical weed control is the ease of application, which often saves on the cost of labor. Most herbicides are considered nontoxic to animals and humans, but they can cause substantial mortality of non-target plants and the insects that depend on them, especially when applied aerially.


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  • Lagon herbicide

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