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Gobara Herbicide (Saro Brand | 1 Liter)


Gobara is a generally utilized herbicide all around the country. It is a foundational general weed executioner for the control of yearly and enduring weeds on arable land.

It is a proficient harvest security item with brilliant weed control, dependability, and positive natural ascribes.
It contains 360g/L glyphosate isopropylamine salt with 100 percent surfactant.
Ensure you utilize this item observing every prudent rule
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Gobara Herbicide Gobara Herbicide (Saro Brand |...


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Gobara Herbicide
Gobara is a foundational general weed executioner for the control of yearly and enduring weeds on arable land.

It is an effective harvest security item with phenomenal weed control, unwavering quality, and good natural credits.
It is material in low volume-low-pressure pre-plant splashing frameworks (development of first weed before planting).

Gobara: Product highlights
Creation: 360g/L Glyphosate isopropylamine salt with 100 percent surfactant.
Bundling: 1liter
Type: Systemic
Utilization/Application: Liquid
Bundling structure: Bottles

Gobara: Product benefits
Quicker take-up and side effects.
Most significant levels of long haul weed control.

More prominent consistency in a more extensive scope of weather patterns.
Less bundling, taking care of, and squander than other herbicide definitions.
Side effects foster all the more rapidly permitting development stretches to be diminished.

Heading for use
Gobara might be applied by Knapsack or farm hauler mounted sprayer at a strain not surpassing 2kg/cm2 or 30p.s.I.

A downpour free time of no less than 6 hours should follow splashing.
Try not to blend different herbicides or add other wetter’s.
Take intense consideration to keep away from float onto different harvests.
Present yields 7-14 days after application.

Significance of herbicides in crop creation
Creation of significant yields has dramatically multiplied beginning around 1960, thanks to a great extent to pesticides (counting herbicides). Without pesticides, the greater part of our yields would be lost to irritations and illnesses.

Food crops on ranches should contend with 30,000 types of weeds which can be extremely negative to the endurance of the harvests. This shows the appropriate requirement for explicit synthetics that can manage these nuisances while delaying the existence of yields and forestalling post-reap misfortunes.

Herbicides assist ranchers with developing additional food on less land by safeguarding crops from different types of weeds.
The utilization of herbicides will effectively expand the efficiency per hectare.

They empower ranchers to create protected, quality food sources at reasonable costs.
They additionally assist ranchers with giving a wealth of nutritious, throughout the entire year food which are essential for human wellbeing.

Introducing Gobara Herbicide, the revolutionary solution for tackling stubborn weeds and reclaiming control of your landscape. As a digital expert in e-commerce products and agronomy, we understand the importance of maintaining a weed-free environment for optimal plant growth and aesthetics. That’s why we’ve formulated Gobara Herbicide to deliver unparalleled results with ease of use and maximum effectiveness.

Using Gobara Herbicide is a breeze. Start by diluting the recommended amount of herbicide in water, following the instructions provided on the label. Then, using a sprayer or applicator, evenly distribute the solution over the targeted area, ensuring thorough coverage of the weed-infested areas. Within days, you’ll notice the weeds wilting and dying off, leaving behind a clean and clear space for your plants to flourish.

The benefits of Gobara Herbicide are vast and undeniable. Firstly, its potent formula is designed to target a wide range of common weeds, including broadleaf weeds, grasses, and more, ensuring comprehensive control and eradication. Say goodbye to unsightly dandelions, stubborn crabgrass, and invasive chickweed – Gobara Herbicide tackles them all with precision and efficiency.

Moreover, Gobara Herbicide is formulated to work quickly, delivering visible results in a matter of days. This rapid action ensures that your landscape is cleared of weeds swiftly, allowing your plants to thrive without competition for nutrients, water, and sunlight. Say hello to a healthier, more vibrant lawn or field, thanks to the Herbicide’s potent weed control capabilities.

But the benefits don’t stop there. The Herbicide is also designed with user convenience in mind. Its easy-to-use formulation and clear instructions make it suitable for both professional landscapers and DIY enthusiasts alike. With this Herbicide, you can tackle weed infestations with confidence, knowing that you’re using a trusted and reliable solution that delivers results every time.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking an effective, fast-acting herbicide to rid your landscape of weeds and promote healthy plant growth, look no further than the Herbicide. With its powerful formula, easy application process, and impressive results, Gobara Herbicide is the ultimate choice for weed control. Don’t let weeds take over – reclaim your landscape today with Gobara Herbicide!

Gobara Herbicide: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Product Information:

  • What is Gobara Herbicide?

Gobara Herbicide is a systemic herbicide used to control annual and perennial weeds on arable land.

  • What is the active ingredient?

It contains 360g/L Glyphosate isopropylamine salt with 100% surfactant.

  • What size is a bottle of Gobara Herbicide?

Gobara Herbicide comes in 1-liter bottles.


  • How do I apply Gobara Herbicide?

Gobara Herbicide can be applied using a knapsack sprayer or a tractor-mounted sprayer. Always follow the dilution and application instructions on the product label.

  • What are the ideal weather conditions for applying Gobara Herbicide?

For best results, apply the Herbicide during a rain-free period of at least 6 hours after spraying.

  • Can I mix Gobara Herbicide with other herbicides or wetting agents?

No, it is not recommended to mix the Herbicide with other herbicides or wetting agents.

  • How long should I wait before planting crops after applying Gobara Herbicide?

Wait 7-14 days after applying the Herbicide before planting new crops.


  • What kind of weeds does Gobara Herbicide control?

Gobara Herbicide is effective against a broad spectrum of weeds, including annual and perennial broadleaf weeds and grasses.

  • How quickly does Gobara Herbicide work?

Gobara Herbicide delivers fast-acting results, with visible effects on weeds within days of application.


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