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  • A non-selective systemic pre-planting foliar-applied agricultural herbicide, is for the control of Stubborn, annual and perennial grasses and brad-leaved weeds. This is slow acting herbicide used for killing weeds and grasses. It acts from deep within the roots of weeds till it dries it up completely.

    Active Ingredient:
    360 g Glyphosate / L (in the form of 480 g / L Glyphosate – Isopropylamine, salt) SL.


    Non-selective systemic foliar-applied herbicide.


    • A Carton of 260 ml (40 pieces).
    • A Carton of 1 L (12 pieces)
    • A Carton of 5 L  (4 pieces).


    • 260g Granular.
    • Force Up 1 Litre.
    • Force Up 5 Litre.

    Price is for a Carton pack.

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    Size : 1ltr - 5ltr
  • You need to clear your weeds in an easy and cheaper way? Gramoxone is here for you!

    • Gramoxone is a unique, fast-acting, non-selective, contact herbicide used for the control of most fibrous-rooted grasses and annual broadleaf weeds.
    • The product also has varied uses in a wide variety of crops.
    • Gramoxone is the ideal herbicide for use in conservation and no-till systems as it only controls the foliage parts of weeds, thus promoting intact roots and preventing soil erosion.
    • We deliver nationwide.
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