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Parmor Herbicide (Non-Selective Contact Herbicide | 1L)


Eliminate pesky weeds from farmland, walkways, and more with Parmor Herbicide, a potent non-selective contact formula. This 1L bottle packs a punch, delivering fast-acting results against annual and perennial weeds, even stubborn varieties. Enjoy a clean, weed-free space with Parmor!


  • Kills unwanted vegetation.
  • Prevents weed seeds from germinating.
  • Creates a clean, weed-free environment.
  • Promotes healthy plant growth by eliminating competition.
Parmor Herbicide Parmor Herbicide (Non-Selectiv...


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Parmor Herbicide is your ultimate weapon against unwanted vegetation. Its non-selective, contact formula works on both broadleaf weeds and grasses, including notorious invaders like Setaria, Commelina benghalensis, and Imperata cylindrica. No more bending over and pulling weeds – Parmor takes care of the job, leaving you with pristine results.


  • Highly Effective: Eliminate a wide range of annual and perennial weeds, even the most stubborn ones.
  • Fast-Acting: See visible results within days of application.
  • Long-Lasting: Enjoy weed-free spaces for weeks after treatment.
  • Versatile: Use Parmor in agricultural fields, pathways, around trees, and other non-crop areas.
  • Concentrated Formula: 1L bottle provides efficient, cost-effective weed control.
  • Easy to Use: Mix with water and spray directly on weeds for hassle-free application.

Purchase Parmor Herbicide today and watch your weed woes disappear! Visit our website or your local garden center to get started on a lush, weed-free future.

Parmor Herbicide: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of weeds does Parmor Herbicide kill?

Parmor Herbicide is a non-selective, contact herbicide, meaning it kills a wide range of both broadleaf weeds and grasses. The product description specifically mentions Setaria, Commelina benghalensis, and Imperata cylindrica, but it should be effective against most unwanted vegetation.

How quickly does Parmor Herbicide work?

The product claims to show visible results within days of application. However, the exact speed of action may depend on the type of weed and weather conditions.


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