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  • We sell Parmor which is a non-particular and contact herbicide utilized broadly by crop ranchers.

    Parmor is extremely successful in the control of difficult, yearly, and lasting grasses and wide leaved weeds including Setaria spp., Commelina benghalensis, Imperata cylendrica, Boerhavia hispida, Chenopodium spp.
    This item is prescribed for application to many harvests including tea, potato, cotton, grape, elastic, sugarcane, sunflower, rice, wheat, maize, apple, and so on.
    Dynamic Ingredient: Paraquat dichloride 276g/L SL.
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  • We offer Rolax which is a fundamental and horticultural fungicide utilized regularly for the control of dark case illness (Phytophthora sp.) of cocoa. The item is a multi-reason, defensive, contact, and leftover fungicide for powerful infectious prevention and security of field yields, organic products, and vegetables. The dynamic fixing in Rolax is copper (1) oxide 60% and metalaxyl 12% WP. Shop with us now, we convey from one side of the country to the other.

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  • Joined Force is a contact, fundamental herbicide for the control of difficult expansive leaves and grasses at the pre-establishing stage. The item is from Jubaili Agrotech.

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  • Weedlezz Herbicide is a non-particular, contact weed-executioner (herbicide) that contains 276g of paraquat dichloride/L. It is applied to the foliage of weed to control broadleaf weeds, grasses, and sedges in both horticultural and non-agrarian practices. It is likewise utilized as a defoliant on crops, for example, cotton, before collect.

    Item Features

    Dynamic Ingredients: Paraquat dichloride 27.6%/Soluble Liquid (276g/l)
    Herbicide Type: Non-particular, Systemic, Folliar applied
    Size: 1litre, Carton of 12 jugs.

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