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Rice Force is a specific fundamental, pre-rise herbicide to control the weeds in rice, and onion made by Jubaili. The dynamic fixing in Rice Force is Oxadiazon 25% EC. Dispose of these weeds today and increment the yields from your homestead.

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ice Force Gold is a specific foundational, pre-rise herbicide to control the weeds in rice, and onion. The dynamic fixing in Rice Force is Oxadiazon 25% EC.

Dynamic Ingredient in Rice force Gold Herbicide

Pretilachlor half EC

Instrument of activity

This herbicide acts by hindering the protoporphyrinogen oxidase catalyst, consequently forestalling the development and advancement of weeds that have sprouted and, because of the ingenuity during the season, lead to wither and stop their development. Oxadiazon is quickly penetrated into the weed and is consumed and utilized through the stems and leaves of the weed, and the rest of not aggregate in the plant.

While Using or after this item:

Store the pesticides from house premises.
Keep pesticides in unique compartments.
Pesticides/weedicides should be put away independently.
The region where pesticides have been put away ought to be set apart with advance notice signs.
Pesticides are put away from the span of the youngsters and domesticated animals.
The capacity spots ought to be all around shielded from direct daylight and downpour
Utilize defensive attire viz., hand gloves, facial coverings, cap, cover, full pants, and so on to cover the entire body.
Continuously safeguard your nose, eyes, ears, hands, and so on from the spill of shower arrangement.
Peruse directions on pesticide holder names cautiously before use.
Set up the arrangement according to prerequisite.
Extra shower arrangements ought to be arranged off at a more secure spot viz. infertile separated region.
The utilized/void compartments ought to be squashed with stone/stick and covered somewhere down in the dirt away from water sources.
Wash hands and face with clean water and cleanser prior to eating/smoking.
Noticing harming side effects gives the emergency treatment and shows the patient to the specialist. Additionally, show the unfilled holder to the specialist.
Extra shower arrangement ought not be depleted in or close to lakes or water lines.
Void holders of pesticides ought not be re-utilized for putting away different articles.
Never eat/smoke prior to washing garments and scrubbing down.
Never apply over-portion and high focuses than suggested.
Try not to splash on a hot radiant day or in breezy strong circumstances.
Try not to shower not long before downpours and following the downpours.
Compartments and cans utilized for blending pesticides ought to never be utilized for homegrown purposes even after exhaustive washing.
Never enter the treated field quick after shower without wearing defensive dress.


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