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    Active Ingredient
    Lambda-Cyhalothrin 5 % + Imidacloprid 15 % SC.

    Synthetic pyrethroid for Lambda-Cyhalothrin and Neonicotinoid for Imidacloprid.

    Excellent, systemic, contact and stomach foliar and soil insecticide – acaricide in various crops such as cotton, cowpea, groundnut, soybean, vegetables, fruits, and ornamentals especially reliable against biting pests and sucking insects, such aphids, hoppers, whiteflies, and thrips, plus protection from virus vectors.

    250 ml / 40 pieces / CTN 500 ml / 20 pieces / CTN 1 L / 12 pieces / CTN

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    Size : 250ml - 500ml
  • Primextra Gold (Syngenta) controls specific yearly grasses and broadleaf weeds in Maize, Sugarcane and Sweet Corn, Sorghum, and so on.

    Note: While utilizing the item generally allude to the item name for an authority posting of harvest utilization, limitations and precautionary measures for more prominent yield and advantages.
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  • Unadulterated gold compost is the most thought phosphate-based manure. It is ideally suited for any agribusiness yield to give full phosphorus nourishment all through crop development and improvement, as well as a starter portion of nitrogen and low sulfur.

    Item includes

    Bundle size: 50kg

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  • Rice Force is a specific fundamental, pre-rise herbicide to control the weeds in rice, and onion made by Jubaili. The dynamic fixing in Rice Force is Oxadiazon 25% EC. Dispose of these weeds today and increment the yields from your homestead.

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