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  • Albasa Force is a pre-rise and post-development herbicide for broadleaf and grasses weeds in onions, garlic, pepper, tomato, and cabbage. Deal with weeds on your ranch with this successful weed executioner.

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  • We offer C-Maxi Force Fertilizer which is a foliar-applied fluid manure generally involved by ranchers for increase in crops efficiency.

    It is a water-solvent manure containing amino acids, calcium (nitrate) and boron.
    The item is liberated from unsafe mixtures like chloride, sodium, perchlorate, unnecessary sulfate, and so forth that can endanger plant development.
    C-Maxi Forcel contains an uncommonly evolved adjuvant for better grip to the leaf surface, further developed retention, and delayed activity.
    The item comes in 500ml jugs and it is accessible for cross country conveyance.
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  • This is a contact and foundational fungicide for the control of scourge infections, fleece buildup, bacterial sicknesses. Utilized in potato and cocoa manor.

    Dynamic fixing: Copper Oxide 69 % + Cymoxanil 4.2% WP

    Measurements/15 ml sprayer: 50g

    Pace of Use/Ha: 1kg

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  • Is it safe to say that you are anticipating applying foundational herbicide, fungicide, bug sprays, biostimulator or some other type of agrochemicals to your harvests? Splash Cover Force to work on the infiltration and improve dissolvability.

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  • DD FORCE is an organophosphate compound areas of strength for with activities and is prescribed for ranchers because of its harmful impact on rural vermin, for example, bug parasites, sucking and biting bugs, aphids, caterpillars, whiteflies e.t.c. by acting by means of stomach contact and respiratory harming.

    It tends to be applied to a wide scope of harvests including natural product trees, vegetables, rice, wheat, maize, espresso, tea, cocoa, banana, plantain, sweet potato, cassava, sugarcane e.t.c. also, is non-phytotoxic when utilized as coordinated.

    Dynamic INGREDIENT
    DDVP 1000EC

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  • final force

    4.33 out of 5

    Final force is a pesticide which is use to treat worm and other insect from maize. It contains nitro-phenyl, methabenzthiazole, thiophanate – methyl, methidathion

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  • Gnawing and sucking bugs are hurtful irritations that can ruin crops created both on ranches and away. Utilize Final power today to control them.

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  • Green Force

    4.33 out of 5

    Green Force is a Multipurpose preventive curative, contact and systemic fungicide.

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  • GUARD FORCE Herbicide

    4.25 out of 5
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    Quatity : Bottle - Carton
  • Free your ranch today from bug intrusions. Bugs like aphids, worms, moths, scarabs, grasshoppers, parasites, bugs, ticks, caterpillars, flies, insects, and termites are best controlled with Hill Force Insecticide. Get this Product at farmpays Today!

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  • Miniature power foliar applied compost is an extremely viable products of the soil enhancer for plants. It has as its constituents amino corrosive and minor components. It comes in fluid structure.

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  • We offer Red Force which is a foundational rural fungicide utilized ordinarily for the control of dark unit sickness (Phytophthora sp.) of cocoa.

    The item is a multi-reason, defensive, contact and lingering fungicide for viable infectious prevention and security of field harvests, organic products, and vegetables.
    The dynamic fixing in Red Force is metalaxyl-M 6% in addition to copper (1) oxide 60% WP.

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