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DD Force Insecticide (1 Liter)

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DD FORCE is an organophosphate compound areas of strength for with activities and is prescribed for ranchers because of its harmful impact on rural vermin, for example, bug parasites, sucking and biting bugs, aphids, caterpillars, whiteflies e.t.c. by acting by means of stomach contact and respiratory harming.

It tends to be applied to a wide scope of harvests including natural product trees, vegetables, rice, wheat, maize, espresso, tea, cocoa, banana, plantain, sweet potato, cassava, sugarcane e.t.c. also, is non-phytotoxic when utilized as coordinated.


DD Force Insecticide DD Force Insecticide (1 Liter)

Original price was: ₦12,000.00.Current price is: ₦11,000.00.

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DD Force Insecticide
DD Force Insecticide is an organophosphate synthetic compound with major areas of strength for significantly activities against aphids, sucking and biting bugs, bug vermin, caterpillars, thrips, and whiteflies. The item is a rural insect spray that is energetically prescribed for application to a wide scope of yields including natural product trees, vegetables, rice, wheat, cassava, sugarcane, sweet potato, maize, cotton, cocoa.

The item is profoundly harmful to agrarian nuisances and it acts through the stomach, contact, and respiratory harming.
Our exceptional item is non-phytotoxic when utilized as coordinated and we will enthusiastically prescribe severe adherence to the mark guidelines.
Dynamic Ingredient: DDVP 1000EC.

Use of DD Force Insecticide
Crop Rate of Use
Tea, espresso, cocoa 1-4 l/hectare
Cotton, groundnut, cowpea 1-2 l/hectare

Maize, wheat, rice, sorghum 2 l/hectare
Vegetable 1 l/hectare
Note: The volume of water to cover one hectare is 400 liters of clean water. The sprayer ought to be very much adjusted to guarantee uniform inclusion.

Significance of bug sprays in crop creation
Insect poisons are synthetic substances that annihilate or restrain explicit formative phases of bugs. They assume an imperative part in an Integrated Pest Management plan.

Food crops should contend with up to 3,000 types of worms and 10,000 types of plant-eating bugs. The dangers by these vermin don’t stop when harvests leave fields since they can in any case cause extraordinary annoyance and harm away.

This shows the appropriate requirement for explicit synthetic substances that can manage these nuisances while dragging out the existence of yields and forestalling post-gather misfortunes.

Bug sprays assist ranchers with developing additional food on less land by shielding crops from bugs and their formative stages.

The utilization of bug sprays will effectively expand the efficiency per hectare.
They empower ranchers to deliver protected, quality food varieties at reasonable costs.
They additionally assist ranchers with giving an overflow of nutritious, lasting through the year food which is essential for human wellbeing.

Bug sprays decline openness to food tainted with destructive miniature life forms and normally happening poisons, forestalling food-related infections.

Safeguards to take!!!
Application and timing are vital to augment the viability of insect poisons and to diminish the effect on non-target creatures.

Various pesticides are enlisted for use by crop ranchers and it ought to be noticed that an insect spray can’t be lawfully utilized for any reason other than the reason displayed on the endorsed name.
Explicit well-being safeguards ought to likewise be taken especially while shipping, blending, and applying insect poisons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is DD Force Insecticide?

DD Force Insecticide is an organophosphate insecticide effective against a broad range of pests, including aphids, sucking and chewing insects, mites, caterpillars, thrips, and whiteflies. It’s recommended for use on various crops like fruits, vegetables, grains, and cash crops.

How does DD Force Insecticide work?

DD Force Insecticide acts in three ways to kill pests:

What crops can I use DD Force Insecticide on?

The provided information suggests DD Force is suitable for a variety of crops, including:

  • Fruits: Tea, coffee, cocoa
  • Vegetables (general recommendation)
  • Grains: Rice, wheat, maize, sorghum
  • Cash crops: Cotton, groundnut, cowpea, cassava, sugarcane, sweet potato

Is DD Force Insecticide safe for my plants?

The information claims DD Force is non-phytotoxic when used as directed. However, it’s crucial to always follow the specific application instructions on the product label to ensure safe use for your plants.

How much DD Force Insecticide should I use?

The recommended application rate varies depending on the crop you’re treating. Refer to the table in the provided content for specific rates for different crops. Always consult the product label for the most up-to-date and accurate application instructions.

What are the benefits of using insecticides like DD Force?

Insecticides play a vital role in crop production by:

  • Protecting crops from pests: They help control insect populations that damage crops, leading to higher yields.
  • Improving food quality: By reducing pest damage, insecticides contribute to producing healthier and higher-quality food.
  • Ensuring food security: They help maintain a steady supply of food by minimizing crop losses due to pests.
  • Reducing foodborne illnesses: By controlling insects that can transmit diseases, insecticides contribute to safer food production.

What safety precautions should I take when using DD Force Insecticide?

Insecticides can be harmful if not handled properly. Here are some general safety tips:

  • Always read and follow the instructions on the product label carefully.
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves, goggles, and respirators as recommended on the label.
  • Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothing.
  • Do not apply near food or food preparation areas.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after handling the product.
  • Store the insecticide in a safe place away from children and pets.


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