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Caterpillar force Insecticide


Caterpillar force Insecticide applicator is a non-systemic bait that acts via contact to kill insects.

Caterpillar force Insecticide Caterpillar force Insecticide


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Caterpillar force Insecticide is a highly toxic non-systemic product. Its primary use is as a general surface and yard treatment to control hard-to-kill outdoor pests for up to 3 months after application. It is winter-safe for ornamental plants and will not damage most landscape and lawn materials.

Packets of Caterpillar force Insecticide to protect your family and your valuable property from insects and rodents without harmful effects on the environment.

Use it around your home and watch your unwanted guests depart in search of greener pastures. Packets contain Mydorel® Chlorante Clubhain-PMC 100% chlorphuric acid technology, an effective, time-tested repellent against many crawling insects.

Caterpillar force Insecticide’s active ingredient is chlorfenivate or bifenthrin. It is non-systemic – meaning that it will not harm the tree. So it does not take long before the liquid dries leaving no harmful residues behind. When applied, the liquid will soak into the wood, which will stay for several days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Caterpillar Force Insecticide?

Caterpillar Force Insecticide is a non-systemic insecticide used for general outdoor pest control. It creates a barrier on surfaces and lasts up to 3 months, protecting against a variety of hard-to-treat insects.

What are the benefits?

  • Long-lasting protection: Effective for up to 3 months after a single application.
  • Winter-safe for plants: Won’t harm most ornamental plants, even during winter.
  • Safe for lawns and landscapes: Does not damage most landscaping materials.
  • Repels a variety of insects: Creates a barrier to deter unwanted pests.
  • Non-systemic: Doesn’t harm trees by entering their system.
  • Fast-drying: Dries quickly without leaving harmful residues.

What pests does Caterpillar Force Insecticide control?

The information provided doesn’t specify the exact insects controlled. Refer to the product label for a detailed list of target pests.

How does It work?

Caterpillar Force Insecticide creates a barrier on treated surfaces. When insects come into contact with the barrier, it disrupts their nervous system, leading to death.

Is Caterpillar Force Insecticide safe for people and pets?

Insecticides can be harmful if not used properly. The label will specify safety precautions such as keeping people and pets away from treated areas for a certain period.

What is the active ingredient?

Chlorfenivate and bifenthrin. It’s important to check the specific product label to confirm the active ingredient in your formulation.


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