Velum Prime Agricultural Nematicide (Bayer Brand) -250g


Velum Prime is a revolutionary nematicide from Bayer Crop Science that delivers long-lasting protection against yield-robbing nematodes in potatoes, carrots, tobacco, and various legumes. Its unique mode of action disrupts nematodes’ energy production, leading to their demise and boosting crop health.


  • Broad-spectrum efficacy: Targets a wide range of plant-parasitic nematodes, including root-knot, cyst, and ring nematodes.
  • Long-lasting protection: Provides up to 8 weeks of control, giving your crops precious time to thrive.
  • Unique mode of action: Disrupts nematodes’ energy production, stopping them in their tracks before they can inflict damage.
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Velum Prime Agricultural Nematicide

Velum Prime Agricultural Nematicided deals with a wide range of yield-burglarizing nematodes while offering fungicidal action against harming sicknesses, like an early scourge.

It contains a method of activity that is different from other nematicides and depends on a fluid definition that shows a good ecological profile.

Method of Action
The dynamic fixing, Fluopyram, is named a FRAC Group 7 fungicide, that attempts to battle nematodes and harming infections. Velum Prime moves from roots to leaves, smothering nematodes subterranean as well as moving all through the plant to assist with safeguarding root wellbeing, stifling key illnesses, and boosting yield potential.

Viable with most ordinarily utilized fungicide, herbicide, bug spray, and foliar supplement items.
Quick, powerful, and long-span control of Root-hitch nematodes.
The well-being profile for the administrator and the climate.
Low application rate and high adaptability in application.
Velum Prime can be utilized with all harvest types.

Productive and feasible ranch the board.
Velum Prime is simpler to utilize and applied at an essentially lower portion rate than conventional granules.
It carries adaptability to yield insurance and populace the board.
Has a simple to-deal-with bundling and low application rate.

Application for Velum Prime relies upon the harvest:
Potatoes: apply to utilize in-furrow* or above-chemigation hardware.
Tomatoes, brassicas, verdant vegetables, and cucurbits: apply into the root zone through low-pressure dribble, stream, miniature sprinkler, or identical hardware.

Citrus, pome, and stone natural products: apply to recently established trees or those recently prepared to dribble, stream, or miniature sprinkler water system.
Apply Velum Prime at basic timings for sickness concealment. For nematode concealment, Velum Prime application timing relies upon the harvest.

Potatoes: apply at the planting or early season.
Tomatoes, brassicas, verdant vegetables, and cucurbits: apply as soon as a plant.
Citrus, pome, and stone natural products: apply to recently established trees or those recently prepared to dribble, stream, or miniature sprinkler water system. The dirt should be delicately pre-wetted to break soil surface strain preceding applications.

Try not to permit splash blend to stay in the tank for the time being, or extensive stretches during the day without fomentation.
While the tank blends in with different pesticides, notice the more prohibitive mark impediments and precautionary measures.


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