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Lancer Acephate is a systemic and contact water-soluble insecticide for the control of crop pests.

  • This product is suitable for various stages of insects disturbing your farm.
  • The active ingredient is acephate.
  • Kindly use this product following all the guidelines.
  • They are packaged in 250g bags.

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Lancer Acephate 750 SP

Lancer Acephate is foundational and contacts water-solvent insect poison for the control of yield bugs.

Dynamic fixing: Acephate (organophosphate).

Lancer Acephate: Mixing guidelines

Half fill the shower tank with water and add the necessary measure of Lancer Acephate 750 SP to the water while upsetting.

Guarantee that all the irregularities have disintegrated prior to adding the remainder of the water.

Keep up tumult during blending and application.

Remedial signs

Aphids, banana spotting bug, cabbage aphid, cabbage moth, cabbage white butterfly, bunch caterpillar, corn earworm, rose thrip, blossom eating caterpillar, organic product spotting bug, Helicoverpa spp., macadamia bloom caterpillar, macadamia leafminer, macadamia nut drill, monolepta creepy-crawly, local budworm or bollworm, potato moth, tobacco budworm, tobacco looper or looper caterpillar, tobacco stem drill, whitefly, corn earworm, cotton bollworm, diamondback moth, dim cabbage aphid, Heliothis, macadamia blossom thrips, local bollworm, local budworm, potato tuber moth, red-bore leaf insect, stem drill, tobacco budworm, tobacco leafminer, tomato grub.

Retaining periods

Least time between the last application and collection:

Apples and pears: 30 days

Cruciferae and tomatoes: 3 days

Potatoes: 14 days

Peaches and plums: 28 days

Table and wine grapes: 40 days

Tobacco: 14 days


Try not to breathe in the powder residue and shower fog.

Dodge contact with eyes and delayed or rehashed skin contact.

Wash defiled dress after use.

Wash with cleanser and water after use or unplanned skin contact.

Try not to eat, drink or smoke while blending, applying the item, or prior to washing hands and face or change of dress.

Stay away from the float of the shower onto different yields, touching, waterways, dams, and regions not under treatment.

Clean utensils after use and prior to utilizing them for different cures.

Discard wash water where it won’t pollute crops, brushing, waterways, and dams.


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