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DPRO 5.7WG Insecticide (Emamectin Benzoate 57g/kg)

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DPRO insect spray, from The Biostadt Company, is an expansive range and low harmful, non-fundamental insect spray which enters leaf tissues by translaminar development.

Item includes
Dynamic fixings: Emamectin Benzoate
Crops: Vegetables, Brassicas, Cotton, Maize, Fruits, Grapes and so forth.
Target bugs: Butterflies and Moths
Bundling: 100g

DPRO 5.7WG Insecticide DPRO 5.7WG Insecticide (Emamec...

Original price was: ₦40,000.00.Current price is: ₦2,000.00.

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DPROUtilization Of DPRO 5.7WG Insecticide

 5.7WG Insecticide

DPRO 5.7WG Insecticide is a non-foundational insect spray that enters leaf tissues by translaminar development.

The bug spray whose dynamic fixing is Emamectin Benzoate 5.7WG is a profoundly powerful new age insect poison for use on Lepidopteran bother which are viewed as the most harmful bugs close to sucking vermin in high worth eatable yields like cotton, vegetables, and organic products.

DPRO insect poison stops Lepidoptera taking care of promptly after ingestion, in this way forestalling resulting crop harm. It is non-foundational, and quickly debases in daylight to different complex buildups.

It is utilized for controlling Lepidoptera on vegetables, brassicas, and cotton, at up to 16 g/ha, and in pine trees, at 5-25 g/ha.





Organic products



Lepidopteran bugs like butterflies and moths.

it is a non-foundational insect spray that enters leaf tissues by trans-laminar development. It has a place with normally happening evermectin gathering of bug spray is great for controlling Lepidoptera like bollworms in cotton and leafy foods drills in okra.

Emamectin is a foliar insect spray subsidiary of abamectin, which is separated from the maturation of Streptomyces avermitilis, a normally happening soil actinomycete.

It acts by invigorating the arrival of γ-aminobutyric corrosive, an inhibitory synapse, in this way causing bug loss of motion promptly after ingestion, and resulting bug passing 2 after 4 days.

Splash suggested portions as and when nuisances show up on the harvest.
Take a little amount of clean water and the required amount of Dpro.
Mix the arrangement with a stick or bar and blend in an excess measure of clean water.

Dpro shows no cross opposition with astounding translaminar activity.
It has the most elevated adequacy of at least a dose and makes no side difference.

DPRO 5.7WG Insecticide

DPRO 5.7WG Insecticide

Dpro corrupts quickly in soil – Granular detailing guarantees least wastage.
It shows great contact movement and ingestion action.

Class II, respectably risky
Keep away from skin contact, eye to eye connection, inward breath, ingestion.
Hurtful whenever gulped. Counsel doctor right away. Try not to incite spewing.
Peruse and adhere to the mark guidelines and cautioning openness principles.


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