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Primasta Potting Soil | 70 LTR | 40 LTR


Primasta Potting Soil is a collective term for different kinds of soil with each their own composition and specific structure. It is comprised of various ingredients that serve as a medium to grow plants, herbs, and vegetables in nursery bags, grow bags, pots, or other durable containers.

Product Features:


  • Composition: It is made up of organic materials, inorganic materials, fertilizers, and other additives.
  • Packaging: This product comes in 70 LTR and 40 LTR bags
Primasta Potting Soil Primasta Potting Soil | 70 LTR...


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Primasta Potting Soil

The Primasta Potting Soil is a lightweight soil with an organization and explicit design that is fittingly appropriate for plants in pots and bloom holders. It is comprised of natural (plant-based or creature based) materials, minerals, inorganic materials, composts, and so forth.

One of the significant parts of the fertilized soil is peat. Peat is a deep rooted, regular natural substance that has its beginnings in plant remains. A significant property of peat is its engrossing limit. It ingests dampness rapidly and furthermore holds it for a significant stretch of time. Peat has development invigorating benefits too. One more significant part of gardening soil can likewise be coir. Subject to the utilization, peat is blended in with items like bark, coir, manure, sand, composts, and lime. In this manner design, arrangement and supplements together reason the plant can establish in its optimal soil. A sound underground root growth makes better development and permits the plant to stand durable.

Benefits of Primasta Potting Soil
The fertilized soil fills a similar need as any sort of soil. It upholds plant development by filling in as a way to convey supplements and water.
Soil goes about as a repository to hold dampness and supplements around your plants’ underlying foundations. It gives sufficient air and port to developing roots.

It is lightweight. This element assists with working with transport and oppose compacting.
Peat is the main part.
It is truly appropriate for plants in pots and bloom holders.
The fertilized soil is lightweight contrasted with garden soil.

Primasta Potting Soil

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