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  • Fantastic HumusPlus is a successful soil conditioner and development energizer. It is exceptionally protected, reasonable, Eco-accommodating and guarantees high efficiency.

    Bundling: 100g sachet

    Use/Application: Agriculture (All sorts of harvests)

    Structure: Powder

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  • Potting soil is a collective term for different kinds of soil with each their own composition and specific structure. It is comprised of various ingredients that serve as a medium to grow plants, herbs, and vegetables in nursery bags, grow bags, pots, or other durable containers.

    Product Features:


    • Composition: It is made up of organic materials, inorganic materials, fertilizers, and other additives.
    • Packaging: This product comes in 70 LTR and 40 LTR bags
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    Size : 70 - 40
  • Soil Force Herbicide (EC)

    4.75 out of 5

    Soil Force Herbicide (EC)
    Soil Force is an expansive range pre-development herbicide and post-rise herbicide to control yearly and enduring grasses in many yields. Its dynamic fixing Haloxyfop-Methyl is consumed by the foliage and less significantly by roots. It is then, at that point, moved to effectively developing meristematic tissue where it hinders development.
    Item Features
    Dynamic Ingredient: Haloxyfop-Methyl 108g/L
    Application Rate: 1L/ha
    Measurement: 40-50ml/15L rucksack
    Application Stage: 3-6 leaves of the weed development stage.
    Bundling Size: 250ml
    Viable harvests: vegetables, organic products, cotton and Pea.

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