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Soil Force Herbicide (EC)


Benefits of Using Soil Force Herbicide (EC)

1. Achieve effective pre-emergence control of a wide variety of annual and perennial grasses in various crops like vegetables, fruits, cotton, peas, etc.
2. Keep crop fields weed-free with Soil Force Herbicide to ensure healthy yields and prevent further damage from weeds.
3. Use Soil Force Herbicide EC to reduce crop losses due to weeds and increase the profit margins by reducing labor costs associated with manual weeding.
4. Improve the quality of the yields as well as comply with environmental regulations by utilizing this herbicide which is safe for use in fields sprayed directly on food crops without any need for protective clothing or goggles for the operator.
5. Get long lasting protection against weeds with Soil Force Herbicide EC which can be used both pre-emergence and post-emergence depending on the crop and surrounding environment.

Soil Force Herbicide (EC) Safety Information

Dynamic Ingredient: Haloxyfop-Methyl 108g/L
Application Rate: 1L/ha
Measurement: 40-50ml/15L rucksack
Application Stage: 3-6 leaves of the weed development stage.
Bundling Size: 250ml
Viable harvests: vegetables, organic products, cotton and Pea.

Soil Force Herbicide (EC) Soil Force Herbicide (EC)


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Soil Force Herbicide (EC)
Soil Force is an expansive range of pre-rise herbicides and post-development herbicides to control yearly and perpetual grasses in a large number of yields like vegetables, organic products, cotton, peas, and so forth. It’s dynamic fixing Haloxyfop-Methyl is consumed by the foliage and roots. It is then, at that point, moved to effectively developing meristematic tissue where it restrains development.

Viable Crops
Cotton, tomato, cucumber, watermelon, lettuce, cabbage, onions, potato, peanuts, soybeans, beans, pineapple, and sunflower

Soil Force Herbicide (EC) Uses

Guarantee that the sprayer is very much adjusted before use.
Shake the compartment before use.
Half-fill the sprayer with clean water and add the suggested amount
N:B: Do not matter after crops have started blossoming
Highlights Of The Product
Dynamic Ingredient: Haloxyfop-Methyl 108g/L
Application Rate: 1L/ha
Measurements: 40-50ml/15L backpack
Application Stage: 3-6 leaves of the weed development stage.
Bundling Size: 250ml.

Soil Force Herbicide (EC): Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Soil Force Herbicide (EC)?

Soil Force is a broad-spectrum herbicide used to control annual and perennial grasses in various crops, including vegetables, fruits, cotton, and peas.

What is the active ingredient in Soil Force?

The active ingredient in Soil Force is Haloxyfop-Methyl at a concentration of 108g/L.

What crops can I use Soil Force on?

Soil Force is labeled for use on a variety of crops, including:

  • Vegetables: Tomato, cucumber, watermelon, lettuce, cabbage, onions
  • Fruits: Pineapple
  • Nuts: Peanuts
  • Legumes: Soybeans, beans
  • Fibers: Cotton
  • Other: Sunflower

How does Soil Force work?

Soil Force is absorbed by both the foliage (leaves) and roots of weeds. It then disrupts the growth process in actively growing meristematic tissue, ultimately stopping the weed’s development.

How do I use Soil Force Herbicide?

  • Calibrate your sprayer: Ensure your sprayer is properly calibrated for accurate application.
  • Shake well: Shake the container thoroughly before use.
  • Mixing: Partially fill your sprayer with clean water, then add the recommended amount of Soil Force according to the label instructions.
  • Do not apply after flowering: Important! Do not use Soil Force on crops that have already begun flowering.
  • Application rate: The recommended application rate is typically 1 liter per hectare (ha).
  • Dosage for backpack sprayer: For use with a 15-liter backpack sprayer, the recommended dosage is 40-50 ml of Soil Force.
  • Application timing: Apply Soil Force when weeds are actively growing and have 3-6 leaves.


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