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Fantastic HumusPlus is a successful soil conditioner and development energizer. It is exceptionally protected, reasonable, Eco-accommodating and guarantees high efficiency.

Bundling: 100g sachet

Use/Application: Agriculture (All sorts of harvests)

Structure: Powder

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Fantastic HumusPlus is a humic corrosive that go about as a dirt conditioner wherein it gives humus a perpetual wellspring of fundamental supplements and nutrients. It upgrades plant development, working on the fruitfulness of the dirt. It changes iron, empowering it to be spent by plants, prompting an increment of plant yield and dispensing with counterfeit means like manures or pesticides simultaneously. This then compares to better and better produce. Soil likewise ends up working on in its capacity to hold water, accordingly reducing the requirement for its steady use.

This item is a plant development energizer and soil conditioner for all yields. It contains 92.0% of humic corrosive, 7% of potassium and 91.12% of natural matter. The humic corrosive in it decreases the requirement for preparation because of the dirt and plant’s capacity to utilize it. It is likewise a characteristic disintegrated dead plants and creatures for thousand of years.

Instructions to Use
1 sachet is dissolvable into 200 liters of water. For manure combination, blend 2 sachets of Grand HumusPlus into 50kgs of Fertilizer.

Advantages of Using Grand HumusPlus
Invigorates helpful microbial action
Further develops soil structure.
Decreases need for day to day watering
Increments natural matter.
Diminishes the inclination of land slide and soil end.
Helps the dirt in the anticipation of audacity.
Goes about as a chelating specialist.
Decreases the deficiency of supplements through draining.
Confines plants against unreasonable acridity and alkalinity.
Further develops water holding limit which results to more obscure, greener foliage.
Reinforces root essentialness.
Advances speedier seed germination.
Improves supplement take-up.
Better protection from stress.


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