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Maxi MOP (Potassium Chloride Fertilizer)


We offer Maxi MOP which is essential for plant growth and yield quality.

  • Due to its vital role in many plant systems, potassium improves plant durability and improves yield quality.
  • In addition, it improves drought resistance, increases winter hardiness, improves disease resistance, and storage life.
  • Our Maxi MOP can be dissolved for fluid fertilizers or applied through irrigation systems.

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Maxi MOP (Potassium Chloride Fertilizer) Maxi MOP (Potassium Chloride F...


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Maxi MOP (Potassium Chloride Fertilizer)

Maxi MOP (Potassium Chloride fertilizer) is essential for plant growth and quality.

  • It plays a vital role in the production of proteins and sugars in crops.
  • It also protects against drought by maintaining plants’ water content which in turn is a benefit for photosynthesis as leaves maintain their shape and vigour.
  • Potassium (K) fertilizers are commonly used to overcome plant deficiencies. Where soils cannot supply the amount of K required by crops, farmers must supplement this essential plant nutrient.
  • Potassium is always present in minerals as a single-charged cation (K⁺).


Maxi MOP (Potassium Chloride Fertilizer) Composition

  • KCl: 95% min
  • K₂O: 60% min


Maxi MOP (Potassium Chloride Fertilizer) advantages

The roles of Potassium (K) in the plant:

  • Necessary for the formation of sugars and starch
  • Activator of enzymatic reaction
  • Maintains turgor
  • Regulates opening of leaf stomata
  • Build cell walls
  • Due to its roles in many plant systems, potassium improves plant durability and improves yield quality:
  • Improved drought resistance
  • Increased winter hardiness
  • Better disease resistance
  • Improved yield quality
  • Longer storage life


Agricultural use

  • Potassium chloride is the most widely applied K fertilizer because of its relatively low cost and because it includes more K than most other sources: 50 to 52 percent K (60 to 63 percent K₂O) and 45 to 47 percent Cl⁻.
  • More than 90 percent of global potash production goes into plant nutrition.
  • Farmers spread KCL onto the soil surface prior to tillage and planting.
  • It may also be applied in a concentrated band near the seed. Since dissolving fertilizer will increase the soluble salt concentration, banded KCl is placed to the side of the seed to avoid damaging the germinating plant.
  • Potassium chloride rapidly dissolves in soil water.
  • Our Maxi MOP can be dissolved for fluid fertilizers or applied through irrigation systems.


Management practices

  • Potassium chloride is found in various shades and particle sizes.
  • Potassium chloride is primarily used as a source of K nutrition. Potassium chloride is usually the preferred material to meet plants’ potash needs.
  • Elevated salt concentrations surrounding the dissolving fertilizer may be the most important factor to consider for application.


Non-agricultural use of Maxi MOP (Potassium Chloride Fertilizer)

  • Potassium is essential for human and animal health.
  • Potassium chloride can be used as a salt substitute for individuals on a restricted salt (sodium chloride) diet.
  • It is used as a deicing agent and has a fertilizing value after the ice melts. It is also used in water softeners to replace calcium in the water.


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