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Haifa Bonus NPK 20:20:20 Agricultural Fertilizer -1kg


Haifa Bonus NPK 20:20:20 Agricultural Fertilizer -1kg Composition agricultural uses

  • Haifa bonus fertilizer is made up of pure fully soluble nutrients.
  • This product is free of harmful compounds such as chloride, sodium, excessive sulfate, etc.
  • Haifa bonus fertilizer helps to improve absorption and prolonged action.
  • Haifa bonus fertilizer contains a specifically developed catalyst for better adhesion to the leaf surface.
Haifa Bonus NPK 20:20:20 Agricultural Fertilizer -1kg Haifa Bonus NPK 20:20:20 Agric...


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Haifa Bonus NPK 20:20:20 Agricultural Fertilizer -1kg supplies plants with an adequate dose of potassium, repeated sprays are required. Increasing spray concentration to save on applications may result in leaf scorching. Haifa Bonus fertilizer is a foliar fertilizer developed to enable the spraying of highly concentrated solution which reduces the number of applications needed without scorching the plant.

To grant plants the full benefits of foliar nutrition, Haifa’s bonus fertilizer is formulated to remain on the leaves and nourish the plant over time. The Haifa Bonus technology optimizes the adhesion of the fertilizer to the leaf surface and improves its absorption.

Benefits of Haifa Bonus NPK 20:20:20 Agricultural Fertilizer -1kg

  • Haifa bonus helps to increase yields and to improve the yield quality of fruit trees and other crops.
  • Haifa Bonus can be used for tank mixing with various pesticides and fungicides.

Haifa Bonus NPK 20:20:20 Agricultural Fertilizer -1kg Composition

Haifa Bonus NPK 20:20:20 Agricultural Fertilizer -2kg formulas are based on Haifa’s Multi-K potassium nitrate. Potassium nitrate contains 100% plant macro-nutrients: Potassium (K) and Nitrate-nitrogen (N-NO3). Plants absorb both the potassium and the nitrate rapidly, in a balanced manner. The similar uptake rates of these two ions improve the movement of potassium and nitrogen in the plant, thus enhancing plant nutrition. Potassium nitrate is free of chloride, sodium, and any other elements which are detrimental to plants.

Haifa Bonus NPK 20:20:20 Agricultural Fertilizer

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Haifa Bonus NPK 20:20:20 Agricultural Fertilizer: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Haifa Bonus NPK 20:20:20 Fertilizer?

Haifa Bonus is a foliar fertilizer specifically formulated for application through spraying. It provides plants with a balanced blend of nutrients: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) in a 20:20:20 ratio.

What are the benefits of using Haifa Bonus?

  • Increased Efficiency: The concentrated formula allows for fewer applications compared to traditional foliar fertilizers, saving time and labor.
  • Reduced Risk of Scorching: Haifa Bonus technology minimizes the risk of leaf damage even at higher concentrations.
  • Enhanced Nutrient Absorption: The formula promotes better adhesion and uptake of nutrients by the plant leaves.
  • Improved Yield and Quality: Haifa Bonus can potentially increase crop yields and enhance the quality of fruits and other produce.
  • Tank Mixing Compatibility: Haifa Bonus can be mixed with various pesticides and fungicides for combined application.

Why can’t I just use more concentrated sprays of regular fertilizer?

Regular fertilizers might cause leaf scorching if used at high concentrations due to salt build-up. Haifa Bonus is specifically designed to address this issue, allowing for concentrated spraying without damaging leaves.

What is Multi-K potassium nitrate, and why is it used in Haifa Bonus?

Haifa Bonus utilizes Multi-K potassium nitrate, a source of potassium (K) and nitrate nitrogen (N-NO3). This specific combination offers several advantages:

  • Balanced Uptake: Plants readily absorb both potassium and nitrate nitrogen at similar rates, promoting optimal plant nutrition.
  • Chloride-Free: Haifa Bonus is free of chloride and other potentially harmful elements for plants.

How often should I use Haifa Bonus NPK 20:20:20 Fertilizer?

The application frequency will depend on factors like specific crop needs and growing conditions. It’s always best to consult the product label or a qualified agricultural advisor for specific recommendations.




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