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Tackle (Total Systemic Herbicide | 1 Liter)


Tackle the weeds on your homestead with this item from the Candel Company Limited.

Tackle is a herbicide and proficient harvest insurance item with phenomenal weed control, unwavering quality, and great natural credits.
The dynamic fixing in Tackle is 360g/liter glyphosate.
Target crops incorporate yearly and lasting broadleaves, grasses, sedges, and different plants
Keep this item far away from youngsters.
We convey cross country.

Tackle Tackle (Total Systemic Herbici...


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Tackle is successful against a wide range of difficult and enduring weeds. It is an optimal instrument for Conservation Tillage (CT) cultivating.

It is an effective yield security item with phenomenal weed control, dependability, and good ecological traits.
This item is demonstrated for use by ranchers as a result of its demonstrated viability against a wide range of weeds influencing practical yield creation.
They are bundled in 1-liter containers.

Tackle: Product highlights
360g/liter glyphosate
All out and fundamental (kills weeds to the roots for relentless control)
Target crops: Annual and perpetual broadleaves, grasses, sedges, and different plants

Item benefits
Quicker take-up and side effects.
Most significant levels of long haul weed control.
More prominent consistency in a more extensive scope of weather patterns.
Side effects foster all the more rapidly permitting development stretches to be decreased.
It is viable with many different items.

Splash on track weeds.
Not to be splashed in that frame of mind (above 15km/hr).
Try not to permit shower fog float unto advantageous vegetation.
Utilize marginally antacid water with support (ammonium sulfate) to break down.
Splash effectively developing weeds prior to planting (increments retention at a lower rate).
Apply to effectively developing weeds.
Leave fields undisturbed for 7-14 days before land arrangement or planting.
Keep this item far away from youngsters.

Unlock the secret to a flourishing garden with Tackle All-Purpose Plant Fertilizer, the go-to choice for professional and amateur gardeners alike. As a digital expert in e-commerce products and agronomy, we understand the importance of providing your plants with the nutrients they need to thrive. That’s why we’ve formulated Tackle Fertilizer to deliver exceptional results with minimal effort, so you can enjoy a vibrant and healthy garden all year round.

Using it All-Purpose Plant Fertilizer is simple and straightforward. Begin by preparing your soil, ensuring it’s well-aerated and free of debris. Then, sprinkle the recommended amount of Tackle Fertilizer evenly around the base of your plants or directly onto the soil surface. Water thoroughly to activate the nutrients and allow them to penetrate deep into the root zone, where they’re needed most. That’s it – just a few easy steps to provide your plants with the essential nutrients they crave.

The benefits of Tackle All-Purpose Plant Fertilizer are numerous and undeniable. Firstly, its balanced formula is carefully crafted to provide a comprehensive blend of nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, essential for promoting healthy growth, strong root development, and vibrant blooms. Say goodbye to lacklustre plants and hello to a garden bursting with vitality and colour.

Moreover, its Fertilizer is designed for versatility, making it suitable for use on a wide range of plants, from flowers and vegetables to trees and shrubs. Whether you’re cultivating a colourful flowerbed or growing your own fruits and vegetables, Tackle Fertilizer has got you covered, ensuring optimal nutrition for all your plants’ needs.

But what truly sets Tackle All-Purpose Plant Fertilizer apart is its fast-acting formula. Unlike slow-release fertilizers that take weeks to show results, Tackle Fertilizer delivers visible improvements in just a few days, so you can see the difference almost instantly. This rapid response ensures that your plants get the nutrients they need when they need them, promoting accelerated growth and robust health.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a reliable and effective plant fertilizer that delivers outstanding results with minimal effort, look no further than it. All-Purpose Plant Fertilizer. With its easy application process, versatile formula, and impressive benefits, Tackle Fertilizer is the key to unlocking your garden’s full potential. Elevate your gardening game today with Tackle Fertilizer and watch your plants thrive like never before!

Tackle Herbicide: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Information:

  • What is Tackle? Tackle is a herbicide containing 360g/liter glyphosate, effective against a broad range of weeds commonly encountered in conservation tillage practices.

  • What crops is Tackle safe for? Tackle is not selective and will kill any plant it comes in contact with. It is intended for use before planting or on emerged weeds, not around established desirable plants.

  • What size containers does Tackle come in? Tackle is available in 1-liter containers.

Application and Use:

  • How does Tackle work? Tackle is a systemic herbicide, meaning it is absorbed by the plant and kills it down to the roots for long-lasting control.

  • What are the benefits of using Tackle?

    • Faster weed uptake and effects.
    • Long-lasting weed control.
    • Consistent performance across various weather conditions.
    • Quicker weed breakdown, allowing for shorter planting intervals.
    • Compatibility with many other products.
  • What are the safety precautions for using Tackle?

    • Avoid spray drift onto desirable plants.
    • Do not spray in windy conditions (above 15 km/hr).
    • Use slightly acidic water with a carrier (ammonium sulfate) for better breakdown.
    • Apply to actively growing weeds before planting (lower application rate for residual control).
    • Leave treated areas undisturbed for 7-14 days before land preparation or planting.
    • Keep the product out of reach of children.

Comparison to Tackle All-Purpose Plant Fertilizer (separate product):

  • What is the difference between Tackle Herbicide and Tackle All-Purpose Plant Fertilizer? These are completely different products. Tackle Herbicide kills weeds, while Tackle All-Purpose Plant Fertilizer nourishes plants with essential nutrients.

  • Can I use Tackle Herbicide and Tackle All-Purpose Plant Fertilizer together? No, these products are not meant to be used together. Herbicide will kill any plants it touches, including those you want to fertilize.


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