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King Humus Plus (100g Sachets)


King Humus Plus (100g Sachets) King Humus Plus (100g Sachets)


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King Humus Plus (100g Sachets)

King Humus Plus (100g Sachets) is an organic soil conditioner and fertilizer enhancer that contains humic acids, potassium, and organic materials.

  • It is suitable for all crops and contains 100% humic Acid, 12.1% potassium, and 91.12% organic matter.
  • The offered product can strengthen root vitality, promote quicker seed germination, and enhance production, and crop appearance.
  • King Humus Plus could also be considered as a solution to decreasing volatilization and leaching in plants.
  • King Humus Plus (100g Sachets) benefits the soil by increasing the capacity of the earth to store water and by neutralizing the soil’s quality to increase crop production.
  • In addition, it helps the soil in the prevention of doughtiness and it reduces the tendency of a landslide and soil elimination.
  • The offered soil conditioner (and growth stimulant) benefits the plant by stimulating the fast growth of the plant, enhancing the root growth and viability.
  • It increases the vitamin content of the plant and helps in nurturing the plant with the required nutrients.
  • King Humus Plus is proven to be safe, effective, eco-friendly, and very affordable.


King Humus Plus (100g Sachets) analysis

Humic acid (dry basis) 87.5%
Potassium as K₂O (dry basis) 12.1%
Organic matter 91.12%
pH value 10
Water solubility 100%
Size 80 mesh
Appearance Brownish-black powder


King Humus Plus (100g Sachets) Benefits

  • Improves seed germination.
  • Increases plant strength and immunity: It causes the development of stronger, immune-stimulated plants resistant to disease and aversive parasites.
  • Improvement of nutrient uptake: There is increased permeability of plant cell walls allowing absorption of more nutrients, resulting in more nutritious and better-yielding harvests.
  • Moderates alkalinity and acidity levels in plants.
  • Stimulation of beneficial microbial activity.
  • Improvement of water holding capacity.
  • Acts as chelating agents: It can bind to pesticides and heavy metals in the soil preventing them from entering water and plant roots, thereby protecting plants from the absorption of toxic chemicals.
  • Support utilization of micro-elements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is King Humus Plus?

It is an organic soil conditioner and fertilizer enhancer made with humic acids, potassium, and organic materials. It comes in convenient 100g sachets.

What are the benefits of using?

  • Improved Plant Growth: King Humus Plus can promote faster seed germination, stronger root development, and overall enhanced plant growth.
  • Increased Crop Production: It may lead to higher yields and improved crop appearance.
  • Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: By increasing cell wall permeability, King Humus Plus can help plants absorb more nutrients from the soil.
  • Improved Soil Health: It promotes beneficial microbial activity, helps retain water, and moderates soil pH levels.
  • Reduced Risk of Disease: King Humus Plus may contribute to stronger and more disease-resistant plants.
  • Reduced Chemical Absorption: It can act as a chelating agent, binding to some pesticides and heavy metals in the soil, potentially reducing their uptake by plants.

What is in King Humus Plus?

  • Humic Acid (dry basis): 87.5% – Improves soil structure and nutrient holding capacity.
  • Potassium as K₂O (dry basis): 12.1% – Essential nutrient for plant growth and function.
  • Organic Matter: 91.12% – Provides a source of nutrients and improves soil health.
  • Other components: Water, minerals, etc. (exact composition might not be specified)

How to Use?

Specific application instructions might not be available here, but generally, organic soil conditioners like King Humus Plus can be mixed into the soil before planting or used as a top dressing around established plants. The recommended dosage can vary depending on the application and type of plant. It’s always best to refer to the product label for specific instructions.

Is King Humus Plus safe to use?

King Humus Plus is advertised as safe, effective, and eco-friendly. However, it’s important to follow the application instructions carefully.


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