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  • Boostract is a top notch dietary answer for plants that development the ripeness of the dirt and gives guaranteed brings about terms of yield and nature of produce. The kelp remove present in Boostract supports lively development and deflects nuisances and sicknesses on natural product, blossoms, vegetables, yards, and so on.

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  • Do you want a strong and financially savvy natural compost for your ranch? You are right here! We have precisely exact thing you’re searching for.

    Castor cake is a plant-based natural manure that makes a living soil, wealthy in humus and fundamental supplements expected for the useful development of your harvests.
    The offered item is the way to developing healthy products of the soil, plentiful blossoms, and enduring trees and bushes.
    It is profoundly wealthy in nitrogen, minor components, and natural matter.
    You can involve it for a dirt. It likewise has regular insecticidal and pesticidal properties.
    The cost recorded is per 50kg sacks of castor cake.

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  • Fruit Setting Biostimulant Organic Foliar fertilizer is the system in which flora grow to be fruit and potential fruit length is decided. It happens after pollen is launched from male flower elements (anthers), lands on receptive girl flower elements (stigmas), produces a tube that grows to the ovules, and fertilizes eggs contained in them.

    Features of fruit setting foliar fertilizer

    Fruit putting foliar fertilizer can serve as a well timed measure to put together the crops to expected biotic or abiotic stress, including sit back, drought, or warmness stresses.
    The high efficacy gives a vast discount of the application fee (as compared to soil utility), with out compromising the effects, as a result a marked saving on the fertilizer is carried out and a minimal environmental footprint takes region.
    Package size -100ml

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  • Neem oil (For Organic Farming) – 1 Liter is an oil extricated from the neem tree which is otherwise called ‘Azadirachta indica’. The tree is evergreen and usually found in tropical and sub-tropical regions. Neem oil, Neem powder, and Neem leaf extricates repulse bugs while Neem cake can be utilized to reactivate the dirt supplements.

    The oil extricate is plentiful in a few nutrients and unsaturated fats, However, its significant compound is Azadirachtin which is one of nature’s most grounded bother anti-agents. This compound creation of neem oil makes it appropriate for skin, hair use and for plants.

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  • Do you look for a basic and successful answer for plant sustenance with extra advantages for your dirt? Neem Organic Fertilizer is hanging around for you!

    It gives 15-25% improved yield than most different composts.
    Besides, Neem manure controls nematodes and other soil-borne bugs, consequently assisting establishes with engrossing supplements in a customary and ideal way.
    The offered natural compost has N-P-K in proportion 0.39:3.38:1.50
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  • Do you seek a simple and effective solution for plant nutrition with additional benefits for your soil? Neem Organic Fertilizer is here for you!

    • It gives 15-25% better yield than most other fertilizers.
    • Moreover, Neem fertilizer controls nematodes and other soil-borne pests, thereby helping roots to absorb nutrients in a regular and optimum manner.
    • The offered organic fertilizer has N-P-K in ratio 0.39:3.38:1.50

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  • Neemsol GA by Greenfields is a natural organic Insecticide for controlling sucking bugs and biting bugs. It is a characteristic antifeedant, development controller, and ovipositional repellent for bugs. Azadirachtin the significant dynamic fixing in Neemsol GA makes it an ideal option in contrast to compound pesticides.

    Item Features:

    Dynamic Ingredient: Azadirachtin
    Target Crops: All Crops
    Bundling Size: 1L

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  • We offer coco peat which is a multi-reason developing medium made from coconut husk.

    It is an ideal developing mechanism for plants because of its high water holding limit, OK EC and pH, porosity, and great seepage/air circulation.
    Our coco peat, which arrives in a 5kg sack, is washed and cushioned.
    It is 100 percent natural and liberated from vermin, weeds, or sicknesses.
    One 5kg pack of coco peat fills around 13 seedling plate of 104 cells (4cm x 4cm attachment).
    We convey from one side of the country to the other.

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  • Very Fifty Fertilizer
    Very Fifty Fertilizer is produced by BioAtlantis Ltd., a famous Biotechnology organization situated in Ireland, Europe. They are among the world chiefs for assembling Ascophyllum nodosum ocean growth remove. We offer Super Fifty Fertilizer which is the world’s most noteworthy concentrated concentrate of Ascophyllum nodosum green growth. It is an “natural” or “normal” manure which develops the ripeness of the dirt and gives guaranteed brings about terms of yield and nature of produce.

    It contains a rich exhibit of bioactive parts with higher natural action than options.
    Bioactive particles present in Super Fifty capacity as plant strengtheners. The fortifying impact of the item relies generally upon the development phases of individual yields. Subsequently, applying Super fifty at various time focuses is basic for making progress.
    Besides, the cell reinforcement action of Super Fifty can lessen stresses brought about by testing developing circumstances or climatic varieties.
    Very Fifty has been shown by different exploration establishments all around the world to increment execution, attractive grade, root development, and decrease pressure.

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  • Advantages and Features

    It’s an exceptional biostimulant in view of bioactive ocean growth remove got from aging cycle. SWEED GA contains development advancing bio energizers, for example, alginic corrosive, auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins, betaines, organically initiated supplements and, hydrolyzed protein edifices which help in cell division of the plant and advance plant development and tillering

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