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Maize Hybrid Seeds Variety (SC 510) -2kg


Maize Hybrid Seeds Variety is a hybrid early maturing crop. This variety is embedded with Vitamin A. It can tolerate crowding and excessive populace, this will result in accelerated yield. It also can do nicely within the southern rain woodland in Nigeria and the southern and northern guinea savannah.

Maize Hybrid Seeds Variety Features

Yellow Maize Hybrid
five-6 Tons/ha yield capacity
Early Maturing (90 days)
Pro Vit A variety
Short crop plant allowing multiplied population for higher yield.
Widely adapted and proof against most lowland sickness
Suited to most climate situations.

Maize Hybrid Seeds Variety Maize Hybrid Seeds Variety (SC...


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Maize Hybrid Seeds Variety is a diffusion maize seeds from Seedco with a 3-manner hybrid and has their mother and father from the largely successful maize revolution forms of Zimbabwe/South Africa. As such, they have an excessive yield, sickness resistance, high standability, and Nitrogen use performance.

Maize Hybrid Seeds Variety was promoted in Nigeria and features the right tonnage in keeping with hectare as well as the right disorder-resistant characteristics, which make them higher than some types to be had by farmers in the US a.

Maize farming in Nigeria is practiced in all the geopolitical zones of the United States. There are maize farmers in Lagos, Ogun, Osun, Oyo, Edo, Delta, Rivers, Abuja, Plateau, Nasarawa, Imo, and Anambra. Kano, Kebbi, Kaduna, and all states in the country ..


Maize Hybrid Seeds Variety Cultivation Guide (1 Hectare)

Below is the protocol or plan for use within the cultivation of hybrid maize. Please note that the fertilization software price can be amended to fit your soil profile. The pesticide application charge can also vary.

10 days earlier than land coaching, spray a combination of four liters of Glyphosate and 4 sachets of Emamectin benzoate according to hectare. Wait for 10 days.
2 weeks before planting, do land tillage with Plough and Harrow twice or ridge depending on land condition.
Wait for two weeks to permit weed regrowth for the proper impact of the pre-emergence herbicides at planting time.
At this stage, you may upload rice husks, manure, or any soil amendment materials on your soil to boost the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC).

At planting, plant seeds at 75cm (inter-row spacing) via 20cm (intra-row spacing) (66,000 plant life/ha), 75cm by using 25cm (fifty-three,000 plants/ha)
Apply 15 baggage of NPK 15:15:15 or 11 luggage of NPK 20:10:10 (220 kg N / ha) or 12 bags of NPK 15:15:15 or nine bags of 20:10:10 (one hundred eighty kg N / ha).

Spray a combination of four liters of paraquat, four liters of atrazine, and four sachets of emamectin benzoate not later than the day after today’s planting.

Please agrochemicals should now not be sprayed within the warm afternoon for effectiveness.
The seed should be planted at a depth of 5cm alongside the row at the same time as the fertilizer should be positioned 5cm beside every planted seed and 5cm deeper than the seed intensity.

1 week after planting, hole filling should be finished for a few missing spots to make sure the right plant populace and weed control is performed after planting ought to be shown if it was powerful, regions showing weed growth must be reported on the observation.
2 weeks after planting, spray four sachets of Emamectin benzoate consistent with hectare for prevention and/or control of armyworms or insect attacks.

Four weeks after planting, the first urea application of two.Five baggage for (220 kg N/ha) or 2 baggage for (180 kg N/ha).
Ensure fertilizer is buried beside the flora to prevent wastage.
Spray 4 sachets of Emamectin benzoate in line with hectare for any deposited eggs and to save you resistance through the armyworms.
6 weeks after planting, 2nd urea utility: 2.5 bags for (220 kg N / ha) or 2 bags for (180 kg N / ha).
Spray 4 liters of Lambdacyalothrin consistent with hectare for any seen armyworms.

All urea applications have to be applied from 4 weeks after planting for large acreages without splitting to maximize cost.
8 weeks after planting, submit-emergence application: Spray 4 liters of paraquat consistent with hectare, for proper weed management; this can be finished before eight weeks depending on the severity of weeds present.

Ensure that there are not any weeds inside the subject before fertilizer application.

Potassium Humate is recommended to be combined with all fertilizers before the software. All fertilizers should be buried at some point of application.

Also, be aware that Lagon herbicide has been the quality type of herbicide used for maize farming in Nigeria.
All agrochemicals noted above are energetic substances that may be gotten in extraordinary change names.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Maize Hybrid Seeds Variety

What are Maize Hybrid Seeds Variety seeds?

Maize Hybrid Seeds Variety are high-yielding, disease-resistant maize seeds developed by Seedco. They are bred from successful maize lines from Zimbabwe and South Africa.

What are the benefits of Maize Hybrid Seeds Variety?

  • High yield potential
  • Disease resistance
  • High standability (reduced risk of lodging)
  • Improved nitrogen use efficiency

Are Maize Hybrid Seeds Variety better than other maize seeds available in Nigeria?

The information suggests that Maize Hybrid Seeds Variety offers comparable or superior yield and disease resistance compared to some varieties available in the US.

How do I plant Maize Hybrid Seeds Variety?

A cultivation guide is included in the content, outlining steps for land preparation, planting, fertilization, weed control, and pest management.


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