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  • The SC 510 yellow variety maize from Seedco is a hybrid early maturing crop. This variety is embedded with Vitamin A. It can tolerate crowding and excessive populace, this will result in accelerated yield. It also can do nicely within the southern rain woodland in Nigeria and the southern and northern guinea savannah.

    Product Features

    Yellow Maize Hybrid
    five-6 Tons/ha yield capacity
    Early Maturing (90 days)
    Pro Vit A variety
    Short crop plant allowing multiplied population for higher yield.
    Widely adapted and proof against most lowland sickness
    Suited to most climate situations.

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    We offer Oba Super-4 which is a high-yielding cross breed maize seed demonstrated for productive maize manor.

    Contrasted with other maize seed items, it has more extensive flexibility and resistance to low dampness stress.
    It additionally ideally answers high sources of info, great administration, and establishing thickness.
    Braced with favorable to vitamin A, this item has added healthful advantages.
    The offered item is bundled in 2kg packs

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  • Maize seeds | 2 Kg

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    Maize is the world’s most elevated provider of calories with the caloric inventory of around 19.5%. It gives a greater number of calories than rice (16.5%) and wheat (15.0%). It is one of the main staple food sources in this present reality.

    Maize is likewise the main staple food in Nigeria and it has become a neighborhood ‘cash crop’ most particularly in the southwestern piece of Nigeria where somewhere around 30% of the cropland has been committed to limited scope maize creation under different trimming frameworks.

    We are selling maize seeds!

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