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final force

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Final force is a pesticide which is use to treat worm and other insect from maize. It contains nitro-phenyl, methabenzthiazole, thiophanate – methyl, methidathion

final force final force

Original price was: ₦1,000.00.Current price is: ₦950.00.

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Final Force is a combination of two natural ingredients, Mebendazole and Piperonyl Butoxide. The key to this product’s success is that it does not attack the worm or insect directly but instead disrupts their ability to reproduce. This leaves other creatures in the soil unaffected and means those pesky little critters won’t be back for quite some time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Joined Force Herbicide

General Information:

  • What is Joined Force Herbicide?
    • Joined Force Herbicide is a powerful herbicide with both contact and systemic activity, effective against a variety of broadleaf weeds and grasses at the pre-emergent stage.
  • Who manufactures Joined Force Herbicide?
    • Joined Force Herbicide is manufactured by Jubaili Agrotech.

Active Ingredients and Mode of Action:

  • What are the active ingredients in Joined Force Herbicide?
    • The product contains two active ingredients: Glyphosate (240 g/L) and 2,4-D (120 g/L).
  • What is the mode of action of Joined Force Herbicide?
    • It acts as a contact and systemic herbicide, killing weeds upon contact and through root uptake.


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