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D.I. Grow Organic Foliar Liquid Fertilizer


D.I. Grow Organic Foliar Liquid Fertilizer with macronutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, and Magnesium plus micronutrients such as Iron, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Boron, Molybdenum, and Humic Acid.

  • It is safe, effective, and eco-friendly.
  • Benefits of D.I. Grow Organic Foliar Liquid Fertilizer:

    • Safe and effective for organic gardening
    • Compatible with a wide range of pesticides and fungicides
    • Easy to use
    • Can be used on all types of plants
D.I. Grow Organic Foliar Liquid Fertilizer D.I. Grow Organic Foliar Liqui...


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D.I. Grow Organic Foliar Liquid Fertilizer

D.I. Grow Organic Foliar Liquid Fertilizer formulated from rich macro and micronutrients, trace nutrients, and humic acid. It helps the growth of various vegetables, fruits, and flowers while improving the quality of soil.

D.I. Grow Organic Foliar Liquid Fertilizer Functions:

  • Main elements: Also known as macronutrients. Assist in plant growth, improve fruits and leaf quality, increase production of seeds and fruits etc
  • Secondary elements: Also known as micronutrients, essential in the formation of chlorophyll and many other enzyme functions important for reproductive growth, cell wall formation, calcium uptake, cell and hormonal movement etc.
  • Additional element: Humic acid strengthens plant growth, assists in nutrient absorption and improves the quality of soil.
  • Controls secretion of absisic acid to prevent shedding of buds and flowers
  • Stimulates flower blooming and prevents premature dropping of flowers and fruits
  • Increases quality and quantity of flowers and fruits
  • Increases harvest from at least 15% to 300% for every ton
  • Nonpoisonous and environmentally friendly
  • Stimulates root development and improves the overall nutrient utilization efficiency.
  • Greatly increases leaf size and prolongs productive growth.
  • Increases the food accumulation (in the form of fruit or edible portion) from photosynthesis
  • Stimulates bud formation
  • Prevents pre-harvest drop of flower and fruit
  • Resistance to diseases and insect damage

Features of D.I. Grow Organic Foliar Liquid Fertilizer

  1. Contains chelated micro-nutrients and bio-stimulants,to help lessen or nulify minor deficients in plants
  2. Has a tremedous effect on seed germination,root development and general growth
  3. Greately increase cell division and elongation,producing greener lusher
  4. Plants that translate into higher yeilds during fruit and flower production.
  5. Increases the rate of photosynthesis in the leaves and stimulate nutrient absorpotion by plant roots
  6. Formulated to be compatible with pesticides and fungicides
  7. Environment friendly

D.I. Grow Organic Foliar Liquid Fertilizer Application Methods

  • Mix D.I. Grow – (foliar fertilizer) green with water according to the instruction, spray on leaves and roots of the plant.
  • D.I.Grow – (foliar fertilizer) green can be used along with pesticide and fungicide
  • Shake well before use
  • For the best result ,use in the morning and evening.
  • Application depends on types of plants,growing condition, environment and weather .


  • Store in a suitable dry place
  • Do not store near food and foodstuff
  • Do not re-use empty sacks
  • Harmful if it comes in contact with the skin or swallowed

Specification: D.I. Grow Organic Foliar Liquid Fertilizer (1 Litre)

Item Type Liquid fertilizer
Presentation D.I. Grow – Green, D.I. Grow – Red
Minimum Order 1 carton (12 1-liter bottles)
Estimated Delivery (working days) Within 5 days
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