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YaraLiva: Premium Fertilizer for Peak Crop Performance

YaraLiva is a high-quality fertilizer range from Yara, a world leader in crop nutrition. These calcium nitrate-based fertilizers are designed to maximize crop yield and quality across various agricultural applications.

Active Ingredients: YaraLiva fertilizers primarily contain calcium nitrate (Ca(NO3)2), though some formulations may include additional micronutrients like boron.

FAQs about YaraLiva:

  1. What crops benefit from YaraLiva? YaraLiva fertilizers are suitable for a wide range of crops, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, and even some field crops.

  2. How does YaraLiva improve crop performance? The calcium and nitrate in YaraLiva provide essential nutrients for plant growth. Calcium strengthens cell walls, improves fruit quality, and enhances stress tolerance. Nitrate nitrogen is readily available for plant uptake, promoting rapid growth and increased yields.

  3. What are the different types of YaraLiva fertilizers? YaraLiva offers a variety of formulations with different nutrient ratios to target specific crop needs. Some options may include additional micronutrients like boron for enhanced fruit quality.

  4. How do I apply YaraLiva? Application methods can vary depending on the specific YaraLiva product and your crop. Some formulations are designed for soil application, while others can be used for foliar feeding (spraying directly onto leaves). Always refer to the product label for specific application instructions.

  5. Where can I buy YaraLiva? YaraLiva fertilizers are available through a network of agricultural retailers worldwide. You can contact your local Yara representative or search online for authorized distributors in your area.

Yara liva Yara liva


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Yara Liva agricultural fertilizer is a top-tier solution for maximizing crop yield and quality across a variety of agricultural applications. Crafted by Yara, a renowned innovator in crop nutrition, this fertilizer is meticulously formulated to provide plants with essential nutrients for robust growth, improved resilience, and enhanced overall health. The unique combination of nitrogen and calcium in it supports critical plant functions throughout the growing season, from seedling establishment to fruit development. This balanced blend not only boosts crop productivity but also helps optimize crop quality, ensuring a bountiful harvest of high-quality produce. Yara Liva is the fertilizer of choice for farmers seeking reliable performance, consistent results, and superior crop nutrition.

It is a premium solution for maximizing crop yield and quality. Formulated by Yara, it contains essential nutrients like nitrogen and calcium to promote robust plant growth and enhance overall crop health.


  • Maximizes crop yield and quality
  • Promotes robust plant growth
  • Increases crop resilience
  • Enhances overall crop health
  • Trusted by farmers worldwide for superior performance

How to Use:

  1. Soil Testing: Conduct a soil test to determine nutrient deficiencies and crop requirements.
  2. Application Rate: Calculate the appropriate application rate of Yara Liva fertilizer based on soil test results and crop nutrient needs.
  3. Application Method: Apply it evenly across the soil surface or incorporate it into the soil before planting.
  4. Timing: Apply Yara Liva fertilizer at the recommended stage of crop growth, such as during planting, vegetative growth, or fruit development.
  5. Watering: Water the treated area thoroughly after applying Yara Liva fertilizer to ensure proper nutrient uptake by plants.
  6. Monitoring: Monitor crop growth and development throughout the growing season to assess the effectiveness of Yara Liva fertilizer.
  7. Adjustment: Adjust fertilizer application rates or timing as needed based on crop response and changing soil conditions.
  8. Storage: Store Yara Liva fertilizer in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture to maintain product integrity.

By following these steps and using Yara Liva agricultural fertilizer as directed,



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