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Glory Agricultural Fungicide (Mancozeb 70% + Azoxystrobin 5% WG)


Greatness Fungicide, by UPL restricted, is a wide range contact fungicide with twofold defensive activities against fine mold, early late and late curse, rust and mucks, wool buildup, whiteflies and leaf spots.

Items highlights:

Dynamic fixings: Mancozeb 70% + Azoxystrobin 5% WG
Definition: Water-Dispersible Granules (WG)
Bundling: 250g sachet

Glory Agricultural Fungicide Glory Agricultural Fungicide (...


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Glory Agricultural Fungicide

Glory Agricultural Fungicide is a clever range fungicide with protectant and fundamental properties. It controls fine buildup, early late, and late scourge, rust and mucks, fleece mold, and leaf spots. It significantly affects the yields.

Glory Agricultural Fungicide is a twofold defensive activity, translaminar and seismic. It has defensive, remedial, annihilating, non-sporulating activity.

Mancozeb is a protectant fungicide having a place with the dithiocarbamate family, acting by contact just, with great constancy on the vegetative pieces of the plant. It hinders spore germination, and acts by repressing the action of catalysts intruding on the biochemical cycles fundamental for breathing and energy transport in the cells of the organism.

Azoxystrobin (strobilurin) blocks electron movement in complex III of the respiratory framework and represses early restrained mitochondrial breath by impeding the exchange of electrons between cytochrome b and cytochrome c1 at the oxidation site of ubiquinone.

The dynamic fixings in Glory fungicide are 70% Mancozeb 70% and 5% Azoxystrobin WG.
Safety measures
Keep away from the select and rehashed utilization of fungicides from a similar gathering code.
Substitute or tank blend in with items from various gatherings.

Glory Agricultural Fungicide: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Glory Agricultural Fungicide?

Glory Agricultural Fungicide is a broad-spectrum fungicide with both preventative (protectant) and curative properties. It helps control various fungal diseases in crops, including:

  • Fungal buildup
  • Early blight, late blight, and late blight complex
  • Rusts and mildews
  • Fleece mold and leaf spots

How does Glory Agricultural Fungicide work?

Glory Fungicide has a two-fold mode of action:

  • Translaminar and Systemic: The product can move within the plant tissue to some extent, providing some protection to new growth.
  • Preventative, Curative, Eradicative, and Non-sporulating: It can prevent fungal infection, stop existing fungal growth, eliminate established fungus, and prevent the formation of new spores.

What are the active ingredients in Glory Agricultural Fungicide?

Glory Fungicide contains two main active ingredients:

  • Mancozeb (70%): A protectant fungicide that works by contact, preventing fungal spores from germinating.
  • Azoxystrobin (5%): A strobilurin fungicide that disrupts the fungus’s respiratory system, hindering its growth and energy production.

What are the safety precautions when using Glory Agricultural Fungicide?

  • Follow the label instructions carefully.
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling and applying the product.
  • Practice resistance management: Avoid repeated use of fungicides from the same mode of action group to prevent resistant fungal strains from developing.
  • Consider tank-mixing or alternating with fungicides from different groups for better resistance management.
  • Store the product safely away from children and pets.

Where can I buy Glory Agricultural Fungicide?

The information provided in this document does not specify where to purchase Glory Fungicide. You can search online or inquire at your local agricultural supply stores about their availability.


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