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  • We offer one of the most effective and economical ways to increase your crop yields with our plastic mulch films.

    • This technique not only suppresses weeds around your crop, it also creates a greenhouse effect, warming the soil underneath as well as retains moisture(water conservation).
    • Our agricultural plastic mulch enables growers to start their season early and effectively increase yields.
    • Other benefits include cleaner crops because they avoid direct contact with the soil as well as less rotting as a result of mud splashing.
    • Through research, our company focuses on sales of the reflective (silver/black) mulch which utilizes the entire light spectrum, thereby boosting the available amount of light and heat to plants, resulting in higher yields and bigger fruits and vegetables.
    • Thickness: 35 micron; Length: 300m; Width: 1.5m.

    We deliver nationwide!!!

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