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  • Espartano F1 Hybrid Sweet Pepper Seeds is a half breed early development assortment that is high yielding Medium between hubs, larges leaves, awesome setting and early. A sweet pepper assortment is reasonable for both indoor/nursery and open air crops. They have enormous blocky organic products sizes, pleasant glossy yellow tone, exceptionally smooth and huge. It is additionally truly versatile for development in the blustery and post-stormy season areas of strength for with weighty natural products.

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  • Amiral F1-Hybrid Tomato, is a crossover reasonable for significant distance transportation in light of its magnificent solidness. It has a decent plant cover that safeguards the organic product presented to the sun. The plants have middle of the road protection from Bacterial wither sickness and bears an astounding yield.

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  • Uniform Fruit of Good Quality.
    Magnificent Yield Potential.
    Moderate Resistance to Bacterial Wilt.
    Emerald F1 Tomato, is a cross breed appropriate for significant distance transportation as a result of its great immovability. It has a decent plant cover that safeguards the natural product presented to the sun. The plants have middle protection from Bacterial wither illness and bears an incredible yield.

    Extraordinary Varietal Requirements

    Emerald F1 Tomato can be planted to lessen risk in regions with Bacterial shrink contamination.
    N.B: It is bundled and sold per seedcount and gram.

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  • Assortment NAME: JAMPAKT

    Amount: 50 GRAMS

    KIND: F1 mixture tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.)

    TYPE: Determinate saladette

    Immovability: Good

    Development: Medium

    SEASON: Year round culture in ice free regions

    Natural product WEIGHT: 100 – 120 g

    Natural product SHAPE: Globe

    Connection POINT: Small, flawless

    Natural product Color: Shoulder light green. Awesome inner and fantastic outside tone

    Consistency: Very great

    LEAF COVER: Very great

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