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  • We sell Commandant F1 which is a blocky cross breed pepper that ultimately becomes red at full physiological development.

    It is a medium late to late assortment delivering blocky pepper organic products.
    The typical organic product weight is 220g.
    Standard utilization of sweet pepper is prescribed to defeat many problems and carry on with a solid life.
    We convey across the country.

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  • Kilele F1 cross breed Tomato (Syngenta | 1000 Seeds) is a mixture tomato for the new market with an incredible sweet taste. The assortment is known for high creation of oval shape and exceptionally firm natural products.

    Item Features:

    Organic product yield: 30-35 tons/section of land
    Organic product size: 120-130g
    Organic product Shape: Oval
    Development: 75 days subsequent to relocating

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  • Score 360 (syngenta) is a non-particular, post development, foundational herbicide for control of both yearly and enduring grasses and broadleaf weeds.

    Dynamic fixing: Glyphosate potassium salt: 360 g/liter

    Method of Action:

    Herbicide is consumed into the plant through leaves and youthful/green stems.
    Weed development stops in no less than 24 hours of use with visual side effects of control showing up over the course of the following 5-14 days.
    Complete drying of weeds might require 3 weeks.
    Heading of Use

    Blend Touchdown 360 SL in with clean, sans mud water and shower in 80-200 liters water for each hectare.

    Bundle size: 1litre

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