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COCCIFOR (Coccidiostats, Antibiotics and Vitamins)-100g


COCCIFOR is a powerful water-soluble formulation that tackles coccidiosis, bacterial infections, and vitamin deficiencies in poultry, all in one convenient package. Boost your birds’ health and watch your profits soar!


  • Eradicates coccidiosis: ITs potent coccidiostats target and eliminate coccidia parasites, preventing outbreaks and ensuring optimal gut health for your poultry.
  • Combats bacterial infections: Broad-spectrum antibiotics fight off harmful bacteria, protecting your birds from diseases like Pullorum, Fowl Typhoid, and intestinal infections.
  • Enhances growth and performance: Essential vitamins and minerals in IT support healthy development, improve feed conversion, and maximize your poultry’s productive potential.
  • Convenient and cost-effective: Water-soluble formula makes administration easy and ensures even distribution throughout your flock. ITs effectiveness translates to reduced medication costs and improved profitability.
COCCIFOR COCCIFOR (Coccidiostats, Antib...


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COCCIFOR is a revolutionary water-soluble formulation developed specifically to address the multifaceted health challenges faced by poultry farmers. This unique blend of coccidiostats, antibiotics, and vitamins provides a comprehensive solution for:

  • Functions:

    • Prevention and treatment of coccidiosis in poultry, including chickens, turkeys, and rabbits.
    • Treatment of various bacterial infections affecting poultry.
    • Supplementation of essential vitamins and minerals for optimal poultry health and growth.

Easy to administer and highly effective, IT is the ultimate weapon in your poultry health arsenal. Its water-soluble form makes it simple to incorporate into your birds’ drinking water, ensuring consistent medication intake and optimal results. ITs proven efficacy translates to healthier birds, reduced mortality rates, improved productivity, and ultimately, increased profits for your poultry farm.

Invest in COCCIFOR and give your poultry the comprehensive health support they deserve. Watch your birds thrive and your business flourish!


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