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Keproceryl is a successful mix of wide range anti-microbials and nutrients showed for the anticipation and treatment of bacterial contaminations and nutrient lacks in homegrown creatures

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Keproceryl is a water-dissolvable anti-infection and nutrient definition.


Anticipation and treatment of bacterial diseases brought about by gram +ve and gram – ve microorganisms e.g CRD, Coryza, Pullorosis, Fowl Cholera, gastrointestinal contaminations, streptococcal and staphylococcal contaminations.

To further develop development exhibitions in pigs, poultry, and calves

Nutrient inadequacy during and after ranch pressure circumstances.

Piece (per gram)

Colistin (sulfate): 225000 IU

Oxytetracycline HCl: 5000 mg

Erythromycin thiocyanate: 35 mg

Streptomycin sulfate: 35 mg

Nutrient A: 3000 IU

Nutrient D3: 1500 IU

Nutrient E: 2 mg

Nutrient k3: 2 mg

Nutrient B1: 2 mg

Nutrient B2: 4 mg

Nicotinic corrosive 20mg

D. CA. Panthothenate: 10 mg

Nutrient B6: 2 mg

Nutrient B12: 10 mcg

Nutrient C: 20 mg

Inositol: 1 mg

Dose and Administration

For oral organization through drinking water.

Anticipation: 0.5 g per liter for 5-7 days

Treatment: 1g per liter for 5-7 days

Whenever blended in with feed, this item ought to be utilized right away.

Sedated drinking water ought to be utilized inside 24 hours.

Withdrawal period

Palatable tissue: 21 days


Store in a dry, dim spot, somewhere in the range of 2oC and 25oC.

Store in shut pressing, away from air.

Avoid kids.


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