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20 Ton Per Day Auto Complete Rice Milling Machine


The 20 Ton Per Day Auto Complete Rice Milling Machine is a fully automated rice milling system capable of processing up to 20 tons of rice per day. This machine is designed to efficiently remove husk, bran, and impurities from the rice grains, resulting in high-quality polished rice. It includes various components such as a paddy pre-cleaner, destoner, husker, paddy separator, rice whitener, rice grader, and rice packaging machine. With its advanced automation features, this milling machine ensures consistent and uniform processing of rice while maximizing productivity and minimizing labor requirements. It is suitable for large-scale rice milling operations, offering a cost-effective solution for rice processing businesses.

20 Ton Per Day Auto Complete Rice Milling Machine 20 Ton Per Day Auto Complete R...


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20 Ton Per Day Auto Complete Rice Milling Machine

The 20 Ton Per Day Auto Complete Rice Milling Machine is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment designed for efficiently processing rice grains. With a capacity to process 20 tons of rice per day, this machine is suitable for medium to large-scale rice milling operations. It is equipped with advanced automation features that streamline the entire rice milling process, from cleaning and husking to polishing and grading.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for 20 Ton Per Day Auto Complete Rice Milling Machine

What is the 20 Ton Per Day Auto Complete Rice Milling Machine?

This machine is a highly automated rice milling solution capable of processing up to 20 tons of paddy rice per day. It performs all the necessary steps of rice milling, including cleaning, husking, polishing, and grading, with minimal manual intervention.

What are the key features of this machine?

  • High Capacity: Processes 20 tons of rice per day, making it ideal for medium to large-scale operations.
  • Automation: Features advanced automation for a streamlined and efficient milling process.
  • Multi-functionality: Performs cleaning, husking, polishing, and grading of rice grains.
  • Durability: Constructed with robust materials for long-lasting performance.
  • Easy Operation: Designed for user-friendly operation with minimal technical expertise required.

What are the benefits of using this machine?

  • Increased Efficiency: Automates the rice milling process, saving time and labor costs.
  • Improved Rice Quality: Produces high-quality milled rice with consistent results.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: Lowers energy consumption and minimizes waste generation.
  • Enhanced Productivity: High processing capacity allows for larger rice production output.

Is this machine suitable for small-scale rice milling operations?

While the machine boasts a 20-ton daily capacity, it might be less economical for very small-scale operations due to its size and processing power. Consider your specific production needs to determine if this machine aligns with your requirements.

What are the maintenance requirements for this machine?

Regular maintenance is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. The specific maintenance procedures will be outlined in the machine’s user manual. It’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper maintenance practices.

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1. Increased efficiency: The 20-ton per day auto complete rice milling machine allows for faster and more efficient processing of rice compared to manual methods.
2. Higher production capacity: With a capacity of 20 tons per day, this machine enables higher levels of rice production, meeting the demands of large-scale operations.
3. Improved quality control: The automated process ensures consistent quality in the milling and processing of rice, leading to higher-quality end products.
4. Reduced labor costs: Automating the rice milling process reduces the need for manual labor, leading to cost savings for the rice mill operator.
5. Enhanced precision: The machine’s automated features allow for precise control over various parameters such as milling speed and rice polishing, resulting in better quality rice.
6. Minimized wastage: The automated system minimizes the risk of rice wastage during the milling process, leading to higher yields and reduced losses.
7. Streamlined operation: The auto complete rice milling machine integrates various processes such as cleaning, dehusking, polishing, and sorting into a single automated system, streamlining the entire operation.
8. Space-saving design: The compact design of the machine helps save space in the rice mill facility, optimizing the use of available space.
9. Energy efficiency: The machine is designed to operate efficiently, minimizing energy consumption during the rice milling process.
10. Scalability: The 20-ton per day capacity allows for scalability, enabling rice mill operators to increase production as demand grows without the need for significant additional investment in machinery.


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