Can Olive Tree Grow In Nigeria?

Olive trees are one of the most popular plants in the world. They have been cultivated since ancient times. Today, they are grown on almost every continent. However, there are some places where olive trees do not grow naturally. Find out if you live in an area where olive trees can be planted!

· Olive trees are native to the Mediterranean region. The first olive trees were probably brought to Africa by Phoenicians traders around 1000 BC. In Nigeria, olive trees are called “Ogbono” and they are used for food, medicine, and fuel. The oil produced from olives has many uses, including cooking, cosmetics, and soap making. Olives also contain vitamins C and E, which are good for skin and eyes. Some people use olive leaves to treat colds and flu.


Olive oil is profoundly consumed in Nigeria generally for strict reasons. It is just not many temples that are not utilizing Olive oil larger part of the holy places that utilization them at times need more to go round during unique projects. Whenever it has been honored in chapel it is not any more called Olive oil however blessing oil.

In light of the hole among request and supply that is yet to be break a few business visionaries has depended on utilizing synthetic substances to deliver Olive oil. Be that as it may, guess what! It can never measure up to the one that is virgin and regular. Their attributes or properties can’t be the very same.

It is thus we are approaching business visionaries to put more into cultivating Olive for nearby utilization as well as for send out too. The medical advantages of Olive oil is developing internationally and utilization is rising as well so you can join Olive ranchers to develop It as well. Olive cultivating is easy, with half and half Olive seedlings you can develop and oversee olive estate with less water for dry regions and with just downpour water for wet locales.


The dirt ought to be a very much depleted sandy soil wealthy in natural matters. Olive can endure gentle saline circumstances yet pungent soil ought to be stayed away from. Avoid water log regions it doesn’t uphold Olive cultivating. Clear the dirt and motorized it to slacken the dirt stops up. Olive seedling requires a profundity of 1.0-1.5m as a result of their shallow underground root growth. A PH of 6.5-8.5 is great for ideal development.


Olive planting should be possible in two ways; through seed development or cutting. The seeds ought to be absorbed synthetic (scathing pop), wash the compound off well overall and plant promptly in an all around pre-arranged bed that is raised. Seed dispersing is 5cm, utilize 15cm between two lines. Establishing time is among April and May. A dividing of 80cmx80cm will oblige 156 seedlings in a hectare.

Proliferation through cuttings: cut stump 10-15cm thickness, it ought to have 3-4 hubs from the parent plant. Root will arise inside 7 two months of planting. It can likewise be called semi bantam rootstocks the distance ought to be 6-7m this way you will get 250-300 trees in a hectare. two months prior to establishing dig a pit of 60cmx60cm empty barnyard compost into the pits. Eliminate any harmed roots prior to planting.

The establishing framework can be; three-sided, square or shape frameworks. Marking of Olive seedling ought to be finished during the first and second year of planting.


Olive harvests are draft safe despite the fact that they are not desert plant. Watering ought to be done routinely during dry season compelling reason need to water during pouring season aside from were there is serious draft. It will keep the plant from coloring because of unfavorable intensity from long dryness and will assist in yield with expanding.

However, during natural product setting and oil amassing you need to stay away from water pressure particularly assuming that you developed the Olive plant for oil creation. Quit inundating when it is seven days to collect. In other to forestall gathering of high dampness content in the organic product which can prompt trouble during oil extraction. The best water system framework to utilize is trickle water system.


Top dressing with natural matter, for example, green fertilizer compost, yard excrement ought to be done when fitting. Try not to apply fertilizer or inorganic near the storage compartment of the tree. 10kg of ranch yard fertilizer ought to be applied per tree while 7:5:5 of NPK ought to be utilized.

Apply water following telecom inorganic fertilizer. Compost ought to be applied softly during developing season.


Weeding ought to be done very much like some other cultivating. It can done threefold a year relying upon the idea of weed. You can utilize compound to kill the weeds yet with extreme attention to detail so it doesn’tA influence the plant.

There is need to thin Olive organic products when the sizes are extremely enormous particularly for table Olive assortment.

Pruning ought to be done following harvest in other to support new development. Injured and dead branches ought to routinely be eliminated. Pruning is vital in Olive cultivating on the grounds that it assists the plant with coming to fruition, foster solid shoots and furthermore for the plant to have simple access during harvest.

Olive tree can be pruned in 3 unique ways:
Managed pruning: It helps in fostering the tree’s casing particularly during the tree’s most memorable year of life.

Pruning during fruiting: it targets actuating useful branches to frame organic products in the process leave the organized branches unaffected. Pruning is likewise great in keeping up with uniform efficiency concerning quality and yield. A cycle that favors table Olive assortments the more.
Revamping pruning: it animates growing to recover maturing trees.

Mission Olive: appropriate for dark table Olive creation and olive oil. It is effectively versatile.

Kalamata: really great for dark table oil, it is recognizable to Greece.

They are challenging to spread, less versatile than the mission assortment.

Maurino: really great for the development of top notch Olive.

Baroni: fit exclusively for green table Olive creation because of its enormous natural product size and low oil

Root decay, Olive bunch, leaf spot, Diplodia blister, Wilting, Phytophthora can be constrained by the utilization of pesticides. Plant safe assortments.


Benefits in olive cultivating relies upon specific factors, for example,

Cultivating technique
Olive assortment
Oil yield
Reap time
Also, the landscape utilized
A developed olive tree can deliver 15-20kg of olives consistently for the conventional olive trees. One Olive tree will create roughly 4 liters of oil in a year on the grounds that 5kg of Olive will deliver a liter of Olive oil. In my space 5ml of Olive oil goes for #500.

Olives natural products that are developed and have achieve standard size which are to be handled as green Olive ought to be picked while still green. The natural products ought to be restored by absorbing water for some time in other to eliminate severe fixings. There are various approaches to restoring Olive organic products; saline arrangement, salt relieving, water restoring. The organic products ought to be painstakingly dealt with to stay away from scraped spot and swelling since they are delicate.

Reap ought to be finished with perfect timing particularly the ones for oil creation. Juvenile natural product will give less oil. Dampness content ought to be half; utilize newly reaped olives of 24-48 hours in handling additional virgin Olive oli. Postponed reap will bring about organic products with oil of higher causticity. So gathering brilliantly will deliver organic products that will yield oil with wonderful fragrance (smell) that isn’t severe.Flowering, fruiting and maturity is on the 4th year. Average yield is 7-12 tons a hectare.


It lessens the gamble of diabetes by controlling glucose and upgrading insulin awareness.
Helps in consuming unreasonable fat
Guards invulnerable framework
It is a wonder treatment, frequently you will see Olive Relaxer, olive moisturizer and so on. Really great for healthy skin.
Helps in assimilation
It battles malignant growth on account of its cancer prevention agents property
Really great for absorption by taking care of obstruction.


Olive cultivating is a decent approach to bringing in cash in the long haul. It can live for over 100 years yet be bearing natural products. There is enormous market a potential open door for Olive oil business in the global market. US are the third shoppers of Olive oil however can create 4% of it at most while bringing in others.
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