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    Eurosolids Calcium Nitrate Anhydrous Horticultural Grade Plus is a highly pure Calcium fertilizer with a neglectable amount of ammonium, making it a top choice for soilless cultivation. Our product is the highest concentrated product on the market. It is not sensitive to caking and is recommended during fruit set and fruit development phases. The high level of Calcium improves the strength of cell walls. The presence of Nitrogen has a positive effect on the uptake of Calcium in the plant.

    • Improves fruit quality and shelf-life
    • Highly concentrated to reduce amount of product applied
    • Developed for fertigation in greenhouses and for foliar application
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  • The magnesium sulfate manure is uncommonly created to effectively right or forestalls lacks of magnesium for a wide range of yields and soil conditions. The manure is best used to forestall lacks of magnesium previously or during planting, notwithstanding, it can likewise be utilized to address development issues during the developing season.

    Item Features:

    Dynamic Ingredient: Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate (MgSO4.7H₂O).
    Method of activity: Orchids fundamentally + vegetables (soil subordinate).
    Dose: 15 ml sprayer
    Bundling: 25Kg.

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    We sell Maxi Calci N which is an exceptional calcium compost containing both calcium and nitrogen, supplements expected by plants for endurance.

    Calcium is fundamental for certain plants to have the option to deliver seeds, and it likewise assists a plant with creating a superior nature of the organic product with a more extended period of usability.
    Calcium is a significant component in the development of plant cell walls, and the legitimate accessibility of calcium in a plant will assist with guaranteeing cell walls areas of strength for are, the plant from illnesses and stressors.
    The offered items are bundled in 25kg sacks.
    Put in your requests now, we convey from one side of the country to the other.

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  • MKP 25KG

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    The Maxi MKP water-solvent compost is a favored wellspring of phosphorus and potassium when nitrogen preparation ought to be restricted. It very well may be applied in mix with different composts to meet yield healthful requirements all through the development cycle. Its high virtue and water-solvency make Maxi MKP an optimal manure for fFertigation and for foliar application.

    Item includes :

    Sythesis: Phosphorus(P2O5) – 52.1%, Potassium (K20) – 34.5% and Potassium (K) – 28.5%.
    Net weight : 25kg.
    Dynamic Ingredient: Monopotassium Phosphate
    Method of activity: Used prior to blooming in crops like mangoes, cashews chiefly, additionally in groundnuts, beans soybeans and vegetables.

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  • The mashed form of New HopeLayer Mash is a nutritionally complete poultry feed. The goal of the layer mash is to increase egg production in laying flocks and provide the best possible flock homogeneity.

    It is advised to use our layer mash from 16 weeks till the end of the laying cycle.

    During this time, each bird consumes 42.3 kg of food, and the maximum body weight that can be reached is 2 kg.

    25 kg sacks are used to package them.

    100 bags must be ordered minimum, and shipping is available countrywide.

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  • Calcium nitrate contains both calcium and nitrogen which the plants need to make due as supplements. Calcium is significant for specific plants to have the option to develop seeds and it likewise permits a plant to deliver better organic product quality with a more drawn out time span of usability.

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