MAXI MKP is a water-soluble monopotassium phosphate fertilizer that delivers a powerful punch of K and P for superior crop performance. Its nitrogen-free formula targets specific growth stages, boosting yields, quality, and stress tolerance. Get ready to unlock the full potential of your garden with it!


  • Increased Yields and Quality: MAXI MKP’s potent blend of K and P promotes strong root development, vigorous flowering, and fruit set, leading to larger, tastier yields.
  • Improved Sugar Content: Perfect for fruits like mangoes and grapes, It boosts sugar production, resulting in sweeter, more flavorful crops.
  • Enhanced Stress Tolerance: It strengthens plant cell walls, improving resistance to diseases, pests, and environmental stress.
  • Water-soluble and Versatile: Easily dissolves in water for fertigation, foliar application, or direct soil application, making it suitable for various irrigation systems and crops.
  • Nitrogen-Free Formula: Ideal for situations where excessive nitrogen application is undesirable, preventing unwanted vegetative growth and promoting balanced nutrient uptake.
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Give your crops the nutrient boost they deserve with MAXI MKP, a premium monopotassium phosphate fertilizer formulated for exceptional results. This water-soluble wonder dissolves readily, making it ideal for fertigation, foliar application, or direct soil application. Its unique nitrogen-free formula provides targeted K and P nutrition, specifically addressing crucial growth stages without promoting unwanted vegetative growth.

Potassium Powerhouse: MAXI MKP boasts an impressive 34.5% K2O content, driving numerous plant benefits. Potassium plays a vital role in enzyme activation, sugar transport, and fruit quality. It strengthens cell walls, enhances disease resistance, and improves water use efficiency.

Phosphorus Perfection: With 52.1% P2O5, MAXI MKP ensures optimal phosphorus availability for vigorous root development, early flowering, and fruit set. Phosphorus fuels photosynthesis, energy transfer, and cell division, leading to larger, healthier yields.

Nitrogen-Free Advantage: Unlike traditional fertilizers, MAXI MKP omits nitrogen, making it ideal for situations where excessive nitrogen application can be detrimental. This targeted approach prevents unwanted leafy growth, promotes balanced nutrient uptake, and allows you to tailor your fertilization program to specific crop needs.

Unlocking Bountiful Harvests: Whether you’re nurturing fruits, vegetables, vines, flowers, or turf, MAXI MKP caters to diverse requirements. It’s perfect for:

  • Mangoes and Cashews: Boosts pre-flowering K and P supply for increased fruit set and sugar content.
  • Groundnuts, Soybeans, and Vegetables: Enhances root growth, flowering, and pod/fruit development.
  • Berries, Vines, and Flowers: Promotes vibrant blooms, strong stems, and high-quality yields.
  • Turf and Ornamentals: Enhances root health, stress tolerance, and overall plant vigor.

Invest in MAXI MKP and witness the transformative power of targeted K and P nutrition. Your crops will thank you with bountiful harvests, superior quality, and a natural resilience that thrives in any season.


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