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  • Agrovet NPK 20:20:20 is a water dissolvable foliar compost that gives a reasonable recipe to the development of your vegetable plants. It’s pre-owned all through the existence pattern of the plant and expands designated crop yield.

    Part: 20% Nitrogen, 20%, Phosphorus, 20% Potassium

    Weight per unit is 1kg
    Amount required per hectare is 5kg

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  • Agrovert 30:10:10

    4.67 out of 5

    Agrovert 30-10-10 is a dissolvable manure with high measure of nitrogen and it comes in 1Kg pack. This manure is a generally excellent hotspot for vegetative development particularly for verdant vegetables. For raising of value seedlings, use agrovert 30-10-10.
    Item includes

    The manure is a high mix of large scale and microelements.
    Agrovert NPK 30:10:10 foliar manure is free-streaming and simple to deal with.
    It assists with guaranteeing convenient development.
    Low salt substance forestalls stopping up of the dribble framework.
    Item bundle size: 1kg

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  • Agrovert NPK 11:46:14

    4.00 out of 5

    Agrovert NPK 11:46:14 furnishes the plant with complete sustenance when all components are required will prompt sound harvests with satisfactory development and yields. Having adjusted sustenance is critical to guarantee the legitimate change between the foundation and creation stages.

    Bundle Size: 1kg

    Highlights of item

    This compost is low in sodium and chloride.
    The compost contains an elevated degree of phosphorous.
    It is free and simple to deal with.
    The item guarantees ideal development.

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  • Agrovert NPK 20:20:20

    4.33 out of 5

    Agrovert 20:20:20 is a solvent offset manure it accompanies 1KG gather and 25KG pack. This compost is for the most part utilized during nursery stage and a generally excellent wellspring of vegetative development in vegetable creation. Measure 1KG of this manure, premixed it into 1000L of water and run it through your water system framework for vegetative development while 10G is premixed into 15L of water for your nursery(seedlings).

    Part: 20% Nitrogen, 20%, Phosphorus, 20% Potassium

    Weight per unit is 1kg
    Amount required per hectare is 5kg

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  • Agrovert Potasse Fertilizer is a100% soluble foliar fertilizer that gives a balanced system for the growth of your plant life.

    It is high-quality for seed germination, acceleration of root formation & development, and encouragement of first-rate plant products.
    Purchase our top class fertilizer and be assured that your vegetation will preserve on stoning up fantastically and strongly because it’s miles a water-soluble fertilizer that includes all three principal plant nutrients.
    Weight consistent with unit is 1kg
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