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Agrovert NPK 11:46:14


Agrovert NPK 11:46:14 furnishes the plant with complete sustenance when all components are required will prompt sound harvests with satisfactory development and yields. Having adjusted sustenance is critical to guarantee the legitimate change between the foundation and creation stages.

Bundle Size: 1kg

Highlights of item

This compost is low in sodium and chloride.
The compost contains an elevated degree of phosphorous.
It is free and simple to deal with.
The item guarantees ideal development.

Agrovert NPK 11:46:14 Agrovert NPK 11:46:14


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Agrovert 11:46:14 foliar manure are top quality mixes produced using the most flawless unrefined components, with restricted building up responsiveness and with an elevated degree of miniature supplements for fertigation or foliar application. Agrovert NPK 11:46:14 is water-dissolvable foliar manures that give a reasonable equation to the development of your vegetable plants. It’s pre-owned all through the existence pattern of the plant and boosts designated crop yield. Agrovet NPK 11:46:14Fertilizer contains 11% nitrogen, 46% phosphorus and 14% potassium. It is high in phosphorus content.

Significance of Phosphorus to plant

Phosphorus (P) assumes its legitimate position close by Nitrogen and Potassium among the three essential macronutrients fundamental for effective plant development. Without Phosphorus, photosynthesis couldn’t happen. Phosphorus plays numerous significant parts in plants.

The supplement is engaged with numerous metabolic capacities and assumes a basic part in energy responses, like in photosynthesis and breath, and for the overall wellbeing and life of plants. The supplement likewise assumes an imperative part in plant proliferation, of which grain creation is a significant outcome.

Advantages of Phosphorus to plant

Phosphorus helps constructs nucleic acids, proteins and compound.
It increments illness opposition.
Advances crop consistency.

It likewise assists with working with root development.
Works with nitrogen obsession capacities of vegetables
Rural advantages of Agrovert 11:46:14 foliar compost

Agrovert 11:46:14 foliar manure is an extremely practical and adjusted compost containing all significant plant supplements with minor components.
Its refined method of use makes supplement misfortune avoidable in this manner upgrading supplement use productivity.

The miniature supplements in this manure is 100 percent chelated and completely accessible.
The manures are 100 percent solvent, containing all the three significant plant supplements i.e Nitrogen in 11%, phosphorous in 46%, and potassium in 11%.
Water-solvent and Contains every one of the necessary supplements for plants. Can likewise be utilized for aquaculture.

The compost is fundamental for vegetative development in the beginning phases and seed and blossom arrangement in a later stage.
Use of Agrovert 11:46:14 foliar manure

It tends to be applied as an answer for the root zone or as a foliar application. For rucksack or handheld sprayers, use at the pace of 4 teaspoons for each 16l backpack sprayer.



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