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  • African Eggplant Djamba F1 is exceptionally useful. With this assortment, you will have a homogeneous and plentiful white and sweety organic products creation. Submit your requests now.

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  • Kalenda F1 is the well known eggplant assortment around. It is made by Technisem to be perhaps the most useful eggplant variations with heaps of great trademark.

    Because of its protection from Anthracnosis and its high resistance to bacterial wither, this open field half and half can give plentiful and great creation in troublesome hot and sticky circumstances.
    The natural product is, which is profound purple in variety, is long, tube shaped and bulbous.
    Development is in 75 to 80 days.

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  • Kazinga RZ F1 is a hybrid garden egg seeds dealt with with bio-stimulants that confer multiplied germination, extended root improvement, accelerated vegetative boom, accelerated fruit excellent (shape, weight, colour), expanded resistance to climate strain, and superior ripening.

    Product Features:

    African eggplant
    Oval form
    Attractive white cream color
    Early and high yield potential
    Good shelf existence
    Sweet Taste
    Strength: Firm
    Color: white cream
    Package length: one thousand seeds.

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  • Long Purple is an heirloom eggplant that produces dark pink cucumber-formed fruit with company mild flesh. It is produced through Royal Seeds Company.


    Type: Heirloom Variety
    Maturity Days: 85 days from transplanting
    Yield potential: 6-eight culmination in line with plant
    Fruit Size: 8″–10″ lengthy, 2″ wide.
    Fruit Shape: Cylindrical, but barely wider at backside cease
    Fruit Colour: Glossy purple
    Package Size: 25g

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