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  • The Darina F1 hybrid Cucumber seeds from Monsanto is a excessive yielding pleasant fruit that fits in all markets. It is a vigorous developing and robust plant that is rather resistant to pests and sicknesses. Its fruit comes out in a lovable darkish green color with white thorns inside the size of 20-23 cm.


    Seeds Package length: 10g
    Subsection: Open discipline
    Product period: 20-23 cm
    Growing Environment: Green House (Protected)
    Fruit coloration: Dark inexperienced
    Maturity: forty five-50 days
    Fruit Length: 23-25cm
    Yield: 30 t / acre
    Resistance: Resistant to the cucumber virus vaginal yellowing and scab ailment. Occasional resistance to the mosaic virus from cucumber and powdery mold.

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