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Darina F1 (Hybrid Cucumber seeds) (10g)

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The Darina F1 hybrid Cucumber seeds from Monsanto is a excessive yielding pleasant fruit that fits in all markets. It is a vigorous developing and robust plant that is rather resistant to pests and sicknesses. Its fruit comes out in a lovable darkish green color with white thorns inside the size of 20-23 cm.


Seeds Package length: 10g
Subsection: Open discipline
Product period: 20-23 cm
Growing Environment: Green House (Protected)
Fruit coloration: Dark inexperienced
Maturity: forty five-50 days
Fruit Length: 23-25cm
Yield: 30 t / acre
Resistance: Resistant to the cucumber virus vaginal yellowing and scab ailment. Occasional resistance to the mosaic virus from cucumber and powdery mold.

Darina F1 Darina F1 (Hybrid Cucumber see...

Original price was: ₦8,500.00.Current price is: ₦8,300.00.

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Darina F1 cucumber seed is one of the maximum efficient cucumber seeds available in the marketplace. The matured culmination of Darina F1 are generally deep inexperienced in shade with a large size and cylindrical shape. This range has predominantly female flowers and may not necessarily want bees for pollination.

Darina F1 cucumber seeds may be planted all year spherical in all places within tropical environmental conditions such as Nigeria. That means you may as properly plant this range inside the wet season and in the dry season.

Due to its hybrid nature, this variety of cucumber seeds is also very tolerant and proof against some of illnesses and pests just like the mosaic virus from cucumber and powdery mold.

Characteristics Of Darina F1 Cucumber Seed
Darina F1 grows with very huge leaves, which makes the variety very efficient in the use of sunlight for photosynthesis. This makes the vegetation manufacture greater meals and cause better yield and sales.
Darina F1 has a energetic boom habit. The plant can grow as excessive as 12 toes if staked. It is important to stake the cucumber at the farm to acquire the first-rate consequences.
The culmination produced by using Darina F1 are superb dark inexperienced, and this coloration excellent instructions higher costs particularly in maximum elements of Nigeria.
Darina F1 matures faster in warm weather
Resistance to cucumber vein yellow virus
Resistance to cucumber scab disorder
Resistance to cucumber mosaic virus
Resistance to powdery mold
Benefits Of Planting Darina F1 Cucumber Seeds
You can harvest up to 500-800 bags of cucumbers from one acre of farmland (four,000 square meters) using Darina F1 variety.
A bag of cucumber weighs forty-45kg.
The dark green color of the Darina F1 cucumber end result appeals to shoppers within the Nigerian market which commands a very excessive rate in comparison to different types.
Darina F1 has a thick fruit wall, which makes it live sparkling for a very long time. Darina F1 fruits can live clean for greater than 7 days if well kept.
The maturity time of this style of cucumber is exceptionally brief. You can begin harvesting at 40 days. This can allow you to recover your funding in brief time.
You can develop this variety everywhere in Nigeria.
It has appropriate resistance and tolerance to a variety of diseases and pests.
Growing Hybrid Cucumber Darina

Proper land preparation should be finished to interrupt hardpans.
The use of farm manure and compost may be implemented during land practise.
A spacing of 90cm with the aid of 45cm is suggested.
Recommended sowing depth 1 cm
Seed Usage Per Acre 10,000 seeds
Temperature variety for Growth 22-30 degree
Optimal soil kind Well tired loam, sandy soil now not heavy clays
Soil PH 6-6.8

Basic help such as posts and walking cord wherein the vegetation are attached the use of strings may be used.
The plant ought to learn to have 1 or a few branches for max manufacturing.
Supporting reduces disease infestation and also enhance the quality of end result.

Adequate irrigation is vital at some point of planting as insufficient moisture can result in poor germination.


Apply DAP during planting
Topdressing with CAN at week three-four.
N:P:K at flowering.
Weekly utility of N:P:K for at the least three weeks after flowering will provide the nice results.
The addition of excessive Calcium and potassium fertilizer at some point of the fruit manufacturing period ought to be accomplished to improve the pleasant of end result.
Pests and illnesses

Common sicknesses are gummy stem blight, grey mould, downy mould, powdery mildew, cucumber mosaic, watermelon mosaic, and Pythium root rot.
Major pests are leaf miners, melon flies, whiteflies, aphids, thrips, and mites.

For Control, practice crop rotation and use appropriate insecticides and fungicides for pests and sicknesses respectively.

Harvest cucumbers very early in the morning and at the proper time to avoid loss of taste.
Pick as a minimum as soon as after every two days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Darina F1 Cucumber Seeds

What are the benefits of planting Darina F1 cucumber seeds?

  • High yield potential: Up to 500-800 bags of cucumbers per acre.
  • Disease and pest resistance: Resistant to several common cucumber diseases and pests.
  • Fast maturity: Ready to harvest in just 40 days.
  • Attractive dark green color: Preferred by Nigerian consumers and commands a higher price.
  • Long shelf life: Fruits stay fresh for over 7 days with proper storage.
  • Grows well throughout Nigeria: Adaptable to various Nigerian climates.

Where can I plant Darina F1 cucumber seeds in Nigeria?

Darina F1 seeds can be planted all year round in any tropical region of Nigeria, including during both wet and dry seasons.

What are the specific resistances of Darina F1 seeds?

  • Cucumber vein yellow virus
  • Cucumber scab disease
  • Cucumber mosaic virus
  • Powdery mildew

How do I plant Darina F1 cucumber seeds?

  • Prepare the land properly, breaking up any hardpans.
  • Use manure or compost during land preparation.
  • Plant seeds at a spacing of 90cm x 45cm with a depth of 1 cm.
  • Use around 10,000 seeds per acre.
  • Maintain a temperature range of 22-30 degrees Celsius for optimal growth.
  • Plant in well-drained loam or sandy soil with a pH of 6-6.8.

How do I care for Darina F1 cucumber plants?

  • Provide support structures like stakes and strings for the vines.
  • Pinch off some branches to encourage maximum fruit production.
  • Water adequately, especially during planting to ensure proper germination.
  • Apply fertilizers like DAP, CAN, and NPK throughout the growth cycle according to the recommended schedule.
  • Supplement with calcium and potassium during fruit development for improved quality.
  • Implement pest and disease control measures using crop rotation and appropriate insecticides/fungicides.


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