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  • Abay F1 Sweet Pepper Seeds is an Open-pollinated assortment of green to yellow chime pepper by Enza Zaden. It creates enormous 4 inches (95mm) of blocky gold natural products. Natural product keep up with quality even as evening temperatures decrease. High protection from bacterial leaf spot and tobacco Mosaic infection.

    Item Features:

    Seed Type: Hybrid
    Bundling Size: 100 seeds/Sachet.
    Natural product size: 4 inches enormous
    Development: 70-85 days
    Yield per section of land: 25 – 30 tons for each acre(in open field)
    Obstruction: Highly impervious to Bacterial Leaf Spot (1-5) and Tobacco Mosaic Virus (0)

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  • Afadja RZ F1 Pepper Seeds is a hot habanero half and half F1 seed that is treated with Bio-Stimulants which helps fast germination energy, fast development, quality natural product set, speedy maturing.

    Item Features:

    For outside and indoor creation
    Upstanding development propensity
    Great consistency and energy
    Appealing glossy red tone when mature
    Natural product shape oval
    The typical length of natural products: 5.5 cm
    Bundle size: 100 seeds

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  • African Eggplant Djamba F1 is exceptionally useful. With this assortment, you will have a homogeneous and plentiful white and sweety organic products creation. Submit your requests now.

    57 Points

    4.25 out of 5

    Pepper assists with forestalling asthma, furious stomach, a bacterial contamination that causes loose bowels (cholera), the runs, migraine, feminine torment, stodgy nose as a result of the mixtures in it.
    Red peppers contain over 200% of your everyday L-ascorbic acid admission. Other than being a strong cancer prevention agent, L-ascorbic acid aides the appropriate ingestion of iron.
    Pepper forestall paleness since they are an incredible wellspring of vitamin B6 and folate.
    Peppers assist with supporting sound night vision since they are high in vitamin A, which assists with supporting solid visual perception, particularly night vision.
    It forestalls diseases including prostate and cellular breakdown in the lungs since they are loaded with cell reinforcements which when consolidated make an extraordinary cancer prevention agent limit.
    Consume more calories with Gulpinar F1 Pepper since they really do have a gentle thermogenic activity that builds our digestion without expanding our pulse and circulatory strain like the hot peppers do

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  • Growing: Greenhouse and open field cultivation
    Plant: California Wonder type, vigorous, internode
    short and fruitful.
    Fruit: Sweet, green to red color, thick
    fleshy, 3-4 lobed and 12 x 11 cm.
    Strength: L4 and TSWV.
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  • Baronesa RZ F1 Watermelon is an enormous size dark cultivated watermelon with exceptionally uniform foods grown from the ground dim green skin with dark red tissue. Sugar content is high, the plant areas of strength for is, little leaves and an incredible leaf cover that gives less issues of burn from the sun.

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  • Bell Pepper Espartano F1

    4.25 out of 5

    Maker – SAKATA

    SEED TYPE – Hybrid

    PACK SIZE – 5g


    Medium tall plant with restricted leaves.
    Dim green, smooth, delicate natural products with 5 ribs.
    Development: First collecting begins 42 – 45 days from planting

    Illness REACTION: Intermediate resilience to YVMV

    Extraordinary FEATURES

    Early development
    High yielding
    Great stretching propensity.
    Reasonable for development in blustery and post stormy season.

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  • Quantity: a thousand seeds

    Crop: Pumpkin

    Crop Type: Butternut

    Weight: 1.5 – 2 kg

    140 Points
  • Clair F1 is a robust pepper with strong plants and a long shelf life for greenhouses, net houses, and open fields. It has a crisp, light flavor and a blocky form.


    Blocky for open fields, net houses, and greenhouses
    10,250 people per acre.
    65-75 days till maturity
    10 cm Fruit Length
    Dimensions: 9 cm
    90-100 mm in diameter
    Dark green to crimson in color
    Standing height 18 tons per acre in yields
    Bacterial Spot, Tobacco Etch Virus, Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus,
    Size of Package: 1000 seeds

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  • We sell Commandant F1 which is a blocky cross breed pepper that ultimately becomes red at full physiological development.

    It is a medium late to late assortment delivering blocky pepper organic products.
    The typical organic product weight is 220g.
    Standard utilization of sweet pepper is prescribed to defeat many problems and carry on with a solid life.
    We convey across the country.

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  • Here’s a gorgeous all-purpose slicing/pickling type. The plants are of bush habit, usually running no more than 18”, making them superior for small gardens, containers, or anywhere space is tight. Fruits hold well on the plants, so avoiding the need for constant picking. Plants are also tolerant of Downy Mildew, which is so often a problem in humid-summer climates. The bumpy, brightly striped exterior is particularly attractive as well. A superb new Polish variety!

    35 Points
    variety : ESMARA - MARKETE - POINTSE
  • The Darina F1 hybrid Cucumber seeds from Monsanto is a excessive yielding pleasant fruit that fits in all markets. It is a vigorous developing and robust plant that is rather resistant to pests and sicknesses. Its fruit comes out in a lovable darkish green color with white thorns inside the size of 20-23 cm.


    Seeds Package length: 10g
    Subsection: Open discipline
    Product period: 20-23 cm
    Growing Environment: Green House (Protected)
    Fruit coloration: Dark inexperienced
    Maturity: forty five-50 days
    Fruit Length: 23-25cm
    Yield: 30 t / acre
    Resistance: Resistant to the cucumber virus vaginal yellowing and scab ailment. Occasional resistance to the mosaic virus from cucumber and powdery mold.

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