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Beef Tomato Elpida F1 Seeds (Enza Zaden | 1,000 Seeds)


Beef Tomato Elpida F1 Seeds

Tomato Elpida F1 Beef Strong Indeterminate Tomato plants, Elpida F1 Seeds are perfect for greenhouse production. It has a continuous growth cycle that lasts the entire growing season and a lengthy (6–9) harvesting cycle. Fruits have a flattened spherical shape and are of uniform size.

Beef Tomato Elpida F1 Seeds Features:

Unparalleled Flavor: Indulge in the epitome of tomato goodness with Elpida F1’s rich, balanced taste. Each bite bursts with a symphony of sweetness and tanginess, reminiscent of heirloom tomatoes from yesteryear.

Prolific Yields: Experience the thrill of harvesting an endless supply of tomatoes. Elpida F1’s vigorous growth habit and extended harvest season guarantee a bountiful crop that will keep your kitchen stocked for months.

Adaptable Resilience: Unwavering in the face of adversity, Beef Tomato Elpida F1 Seeds thrives in a wide range of climates and conditions. Its strong resistance to temperature fluctuations and common diseases ensures a successful harvest, even in challenging environments.

Beef Tomato Elpida F1 Seeds Beef Tomato Elpida F1 Seeds (E...


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Beef Tomato Elpida F1 Seeds

Embark on a journey of culinary delight with the Elpida F1, a revolutionary beefsteak tomato variety renowned for its exceptional yields and mouthwatering flavor. These vigorous indeterminate tomato plants thrive in greenhouses, producing an abundance of large, vibrant red fruits that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Fruits of excellent quality with a long shelf life.
Its strong resistance package, including resistance to nematodes and powder mildew, enables planting on infected, old soil.
On the soil, recommended for both short and long crops.

Additional details on Beef Tomato Elpida F1 Seeds
A strong, open-port plant guarantees excellent yield that is consistent throughout the growing season.
Fruits are homogeneous in size and weight, spherical, slightly flattened, and very firm.
The plant thrives under pressure and is used for spring and fall crops.
In the Balkans, hybrid indeterminate is becoming increasingly popular.
This cultivar is capable of spring and fall growth.

In summary, it adapts effectively to various cultural settings.
2.5 to 3 plants per square meter are the suggested density.
When the fruits start to ripen, a higher potassium level is required.

Indulge in the Exquisite Flavor of Sun-Kissed Tomatoes

Cultivate a Culinary Paradise with Unparalleled Yields

Experience the Thrill of Homegrown Goodness

Embrace the Taste of Heirloom Tomatoes

Unleash the Bountiful Harvest of Your Dreams

Transform Your Garden into a Tomato Oasis

Embrace the Satisfaction of Sustainable Living

Nourish Your Family with Nature’s Finest Bounty

Elevate Your Culinary Creations with Elpida F1

Experience the Epitome of Tomato Excellence

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Elpida F1 Beef Tomato Seeds:

What are Elpida F1 Beef Tomato Seeds?

Elpida F1 is a vigorous indeterminate variety of tomatoes known for its high yields of large, flavorful red fruits. They are ideal for greenhouses and perform well in various climates.

What are the benefits of Elpida F1 Beef Tomato Seeds?

  • High yields: Produces an abundance of large, delicious tomatoes throughout the growing season.
  • Excellent flavor: Known for its mouthwatering taste and long shelf life.
  • Disease resistance: Resistant to nematodes and powdery mildew, allowing planting in previously infected soil.
  • Adaptability: Thrives in both spring and fall plantings.
  • Strong plant: Vigorous and open-port, ensuring consistent yields.
  • Large fruits: Produces uniform, large, and firm tomatoes.

How do I grow Elpida F1 Beef Tomato Seeds?

Elpida F1 tomatoes are recommended for greenhouse planting. The recommended planting density is 2.5 to 3 plants per square meter. They require increased potassium levels when fruits begin to ripen.


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